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Should your Startup Outsource Software Development?

To do or not to do – or to outsource or not to outsource- that is at least the big question that many companies (especially start-ups) struggle with. “If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business” says Lee Kuan Yew, the First Prime Minister of Singapore – but why is this so- should companies really opt to outsource software development? Let’s find out –

– Improved communication inside the team

If you outsource software development- the dedicated team has most likely worked together and therefore can work harmoniously and familiarly from the start.

– No need to be a company’s HR manager

Finding the perfect developer is difficult- which a normal HR cannot do as he/she doesn’t know what to look for. Should you choose to outsource software development- that part is already taken care of by the offshore software development company’s HR who will much well-versed in it.

– Full transparency of the development process

As the dedicated software development team is eager to have better brand reputation in the market and because communication is a crucial point in creating customer impression- most focus greatly on keeping consistent communication with clients throughout the whole development process to create a better product.

– No warm-up time for the development team

 Every new employee needs adapting period where they spend time into getting acquainted with their co-workers, diving into new corporate culture and such, however with dedicated offshore developers, there is no need to do so.

– Cost Efficiency

 There is no need to pay more money to hire a professional developer (assuming you know what you are looking for in a developer) when you can get the same level or even higher expertise elsewhere. Outsourcing issues like time difference and language barrier will not arise with a good dedicated development team.

– No need to switch focus from business tasks

 Development of your product is necessary but it’s not the only thing one has to worry about when starting a new business. With the outsourced team taking care of development, you can focus on your core competency and other businesses that need your attention.

 – Flexibility

If you outsource software development, the dedicated team you hire will be experienced in various projects and thus will be more flexible than an in-house team.

– Immense experience

Many start-ups successfully built their products because they chose to outsource software development. This makes sense too, as fewer people are ready to quit their jobs and get on board with a company that is just starting out. With the outsourced team, you can bring immense experience on the table to work on your ambitious ideas if they have business value.

– Time savings

It is easier to develop a Minimum Valuable Product (MVP) with an incredible amount of experience that the offshore development team offers- since they have mastered so many projects- they can do their jobs at a crazy pace.

– Penalties on the outsourcing studio

If you hire in-house talents you are at the risk of getting abandoned as soon as they get a better deal, even if you are in the middle of a project.  Meanwhile, if you outsource software development, all the risks are covered by the outsourcing development studio- it’s in their interest that they find out a perfect fit.

– No work interruption

It is the responsibility of the software development outsourcing company to meet the deadlines of the project, so they put in all effort to make sure that all requirements are met within the time.

Outsource Software Development Reasons that Startup Should ConsiderSource

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