Pay Per Click (PPC)

Intelegain’s PPC Campaigns are the best way for your business to get online conversions, increase visibility in online world and meet lead generation requirements.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising is a focused online advertising model that can be used to influence product USP, and generate competent leads and eventually sales. Multiple powerful platforms, including Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, etc. provide impressive features to help businesses to achieve the maximum hits for their dollars invested.

In today’s madly competitive market scenario, use of PPC advertising can make your brand catch the eye of the audience. Additionally, it can also bring in customers from all across the globe, without any need for investing in old and extravagant advertising methods like TV and newspaper.

At Intelegain, we have a qualified and experienced team of SMEs (subject matter experts) with a goods expertise on the industry trends, to develop high-performance PPC campaigns assured to generate results.

PPC Advantages

  • PPC advertising model is much cost-effective as compared to the traditional advertising methods that include print media, radio, and TV.

  • These can be used for advertising a vast range of products to reach the potential customers with a lot of targeting options.

  • It also allows businesses to keep a check on their advertising costs by providing information about every single click. This ultimately helps them easily calculate the ROI (returns on investment).

  • It allows the advertisers to target their ads for a global audience, thus providing a broader reach.

  • Leverage advanced reporting, segmentation and demographic analysis with refined user interfaces.

  • Absolute control on advertising campaigns allowing unrestricted changes to keywords and ads.

PPC Services at Intelegain

  • Support for post optimization and sale monitoring.

  • Detailed account analysis and strategy reporting to tap the unexplored regions.

  • Campaigning and account optimization to improve performance and gain a positive ROI.

  • Advertising support to handle traffic, sales and branding, as well as lead generation.

  • Create a new campaign from scratch, on the basis of successful advertising methodologies developed by our expert and proficient team.

Why should you choose us?

At Intelegain, we are a highly skilled and experienced team of certified SEO, PPC and SMO marketing experts. Our Internet marketing professionals invest a good amount of their quality time in understanding your advertising related ambitions as well as your business. This acts as a marketing campaign targeted at addressing new prospects.

Further, we provide economic and cost-effective solutions that provide clear and definite long-term results without the need for you to spend an extravaganza. We believe in a professional and sincere work approach, which means that you get the timely answers to all your questions. We have offices in New York, Dallas & India.

Our portfolio below highlights the broad range
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Mobile Application Development

Check out some selected apps created that have gone a long way in expanding our customers’ reach over their competition.

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Web Application Development

Mission Critical web applications created by us have helped businesses generate value.

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