Be it Electronic Medical Records or Health Records, we provide ideal HIPAA complaint healthcare software solutions that aim to address the growing technical needs of the healthcare industry.


Managing complicated regulatory and compliance requirements, all the while handling customer needs and monitoring the bottom line is difficult. Intelegain Technologies creates healthcare software that assists clients in managing all the aforementioned requirements, freeing them up to focus on their core competencies.

Know your provider (KYP)

KYP solutions in the healthcare industry offer fraud prevention and risk management service. It uses the latest pragmatic innovations to simplify, streamline and continuously optimize the entire life-cycle of the enrollment process. The KYP healthcare insurance claim analytics and admission/ enrollment management software enables a collaborative, transparent and efficient approach to risk management in healthcare organizations and private/ public higher education institutions.

Intelegain developed a work flow manager – a document management system to support a range of “Know your Beneficiary” (KYB) and “Know Your Provider” (KYP) fraud prevention and risk management service. The solution provides a high-class beneficiary profiling and assists healthcare payers prevent entry of ineligible beneficiaries. Furthermore, it is also a combined provider credentialing application that provides end-to-end provider network management while conforming with Medicaid regulations. Its KYP module features screening validation, re-validation and supervision for top-quality and compliant provider network etc.

Fitness Management Application

Starting a new fitness routine or diet program can be tough, but it’s an endeavor that comes along with a healthy dose of hope and motivation. Thus, Intelegain provides fitness management apps that help you monitor your overall health via nutrition tracking apps, workout and exercise apps, cardio apps, calorie-burner apps or all-inclusive health managing apps etc.

Intelegain developed a healthy lifestyle web application targeting health conscious people to track their habits assisted by registered nutritionists, pathologists and health coaches in order to ultimately lower the risk of lifestyle disorders. This application is both for Android and iOS users and is equipped with several charts that help the user manage their overall health- like weight, sugar, heart rate, blood pressure etc. Plus, users are also equipped with individual meal charts, lifestyle plans, nutrition plans as per their condition.

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Mobile Application Development

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Web Application Development

Mission Critical web applications created by us have helped businesses generate value.

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