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Intelegain’s retail IT solution help you save time, money by streamlining point of sale, customer experience, inventory management etc.

Intelegain’s retail IT solution helps you save time, money by streamlining point of sale, customer experience, inventory management, etc. The capabilities of a retail software development go way farther than just enhancing user experience and managing transactions. Our retail solutions can help make your business operations smoother and more efficient as well as easier to manage. They facilitate tracking staff performance and ultimately generate more sales and profit.


As an increasing number of people feel comfortable with ordering products online via their smartphones, M-commerce has become of supreme importance. Intelegain has an enviable record of building successful storefronts online for both new merchants and well-established companies.

Intelegain developed a multi-store E-commerce platform to target retail merchants to set up their own stores for the Trinidad and Tobago market. Our developers worked closely with the customer in building the platform and in the process understanding various merchants and end-user expectations. The platform provides a store builder for small and large businesses to set up their online stores. Intelegain focused a great deal on the user experience for the end-user and merchants to manage their stores.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs and solutions are a great way to retain customers. It’s also the best way to reward customers for referrals and doing business with the brand repeatedly. Intelegain provides custom loyalty programs for small businesses as well as enterprises where corporations can choose their rewards, track their customer growth and engagement, and market directly to existing customers.

Intelegain developed a Loyalty website platform which is primarily built for all operating platforms desktops, tablets and mobiles. The platform enables customers to promote and build customer loyalty and reward them for business loyalty and also manage business promotions. The customer also has access to an app through which they can track loyalty rewards and take advantage of promotions offered by businesses.

POS software

Our retail point of sale software makes it easier to sell in-store, pop-up shops, tradeshows- generally, anywhere you will be using multiple staff members and doing credit cards or cash transactions. Intelegain’s retail POS software solution is incorporated with optimal features that offer various capabilities like – managing orders at your fingertips, keeping track of daily cash flow, easily managing staff accounts, tracking your sales & growth and apps for the growth of your business, etc.

Intelegain created an iPad driven POS for restaurants to assist in taking customer orders for a Singapore based start-up company. The app was primarily focused on use on iPads and its features include inventory management, customization of table and order management, employee/staff management, and reporting and analytics.

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