Dedicated Development Teams

Dedicated Development Team at Intelegain

Leading software companies leverage our professional outsourcing experience, provide a pool of highly experienced IT professionals with an array of technological skill sets and proven methodologies, dedicated to your projects. Over the years, we have helped several small and mid-size companies with a Dedicated Development Team that works exclusively on client projects.

Our Approach

The Dedicated Development Team engagement model is a tactical approach where the focus is cost saving and long-term value to client’s business. Our DDT engagement model comprises of a professional team trained as per client’s business model, operation and processes. The team size can be altered as per the change in your resource requirements.

Our Responsibilities

  • Selecting or hiring resources – Hiring the key personnel befitting client requirements.
  • Pricing for resources – The pricing depends on personnel’s experience, role, technology, skills, etc.
  • Deliverables – Responsible for quality and on-time deliverables.

Advantages Hiring Our Dedicated Development Team

  • Hiring resources to complement client needs
  • Hiring specialized resources for short term needs
  • Economical resource hiring
  • Full security to your developments.

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