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Looking for custom web application development? Get state-of-the-art web app development services personalized in accordance with your business requirements, at Intelegain.

Web Application Development Company

From conception to implementation our custom web application development team will guide you every step of the way. With more than a decade experience, we have honed our skills to develop solutions that surpass our clients’ goals. Whether it is enterprise websites and web applications, industry specific applications, online service platforms, custom web application development or off-the-shelf web app development, we have done it all.

Hire our Web Application Developers for a Dynamic Web Solution

With numerous successful projects under our belt, Intelegain web application developers are well versed in creating custom products, apps and solutions that smoothly integrate with your technology and organization requirements, providing a great user experience for all your end users.

Being established as a prominent custom web application development company, we provide 100% diligence in creating entirely unique and innovative web applications. Besides being user-friendly, our web applications are easy to maintain, secure and scalable.

Employing our wide-ranging UI/UX and front-end skills, our developers deliver rich user experiences. We offer diverse types of web applications for web portals, e-commerce, business application, social computing- tailored to your business requirements.

Web App Designing
Web App Development

Make your online presence felt with our custom web application development company

Our web application development company delivers –

Enterprise Application

Be it Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Automated billing systems, Payment processing, Email marketing systems, Inventory management system, we create all.

We deliver enterprise web applications that are data-centric and user-friendly and meet the strict requirements for security, administration, and maintenance. They facilitate management and enable automation of administrative duties allowing organizations to focus on their core business.

Web portals

Knowledge portals, enterprise web portals, market space portals and public portals etc.

Our web application development services deliver external collaboration platforms that allow efficient team working with effective communication in between customers, partners and providers etc.

Industry-specific web applications

Web applications for specific industry verticals such as legal, retail, pharma, cards and payments, human resources, travel, e-learning and financial services etc.

We deliver custom web applications that are tailor-made to suit your specific business needs. Our experience in these industries makes us capable to provide unique solutions that solve industry-specific problems.

Online service platforms

These include e-commerce applications, booking applications, payment systems, online consultation platforms, social event discovery and management applications, stock trading applications etc.

Our experience and competence in various online services enable us to deliver online service platforms that incorporate optimal functionality, responsive UIs and maximum performance.

Custom Web Development and Off-the-shelf Web Development

With more than — custom web application development projects, Intelegain is well versed in creating custom products, apps and solutions that smoothly integrate with your technology and organization requirements, providing a great user experience for all your end users.

With more than 13 years of providing software solutions, we apply our experience in providing off-the-shelf software products to IT and non-IT organizations alike.

Why choose Intelegain web app development services?

  • Been there, done that –  More than 13 years of experience with highly-skilled web app development talent onboard
  • Methodical development approach to creating solutions – Accelerates development speed and boost product optimization
  • Acquainted with latest and optimum technological solutions – Latest technologies used to drive efficiency to your web applications and striving for optimal performance, right from the pre-coding stage
  • Skilled ‘Quality Assurance’ teams- Regular testing for bug-free solutions
  • Responsive UI and consistent UX – Efficient collaboration in between developer and in-house design teams to ensure attractive and user-friendly UI
  • Prices you wouldn’t find elsewhere – One of the major reasons why many start-ups contract with Intelegain
  • Timely delivery of deliverables – An advantage of having substantial experience in the industry is the surety of timely project delivery
An engaging design is the first step towards a great software product development. Here, we let our work speak for itself.

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