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AWS Cloud Migration Services

Intelegain is an Amazon Consulting Partner with AWS Cloud Migration Services (AWS) to provide all the support as well as services to its customers. These services range from Hosting to migration as well as account management, budget planning, and cost optimization. Read below for more information on our AWS support and services.

AWS Cloud Migration Services At Intelegain

Cloud Hosting:

AWS provides scalable, reliable and inexpensive cloud hosting services. We can help you with Virtual Servers, Containers, 1-Click Web App Deployment, Event-Driven Compute Functions, Auto Scaling & Load Balancing. These cloud services are free to join and you are to pay what you use. Some of the popular cloud hosting services are:

Migrating IT Infrastructure & Workload on AWS Cloud:

Data is the most important aspect of successful cloud application deployment. You may highlight the physical limitations inherent of moving on-premise data to cloud with your evaluation process. Intelegain as a AWS partner helps with migrating your data to cloud via network, roads and technology partners with a suite a tools provided by Amazon.

AWS Account Management:

Intelegain as a AWS partner helps you to manage your account with the help of our certified AWS Solution Architects. We help you with managing bandwidth, reduce incurring costs, deployment, migration and monitoring of your account.

Cost Optimization & Budget Planning:

Intelegain helps you with the cost optimization and budget planning for all your AWS needs. We analyze and provide you with the most optimal solutions for selecting plans, controlling bandwidths, budget planning and deployment to ensure that you get the most of what you pay.

As AWS partners, we have access to a host of services and training to support you deploy, run and manage your applications and data on the cloud. AWS is always considered to be a business by itself. If you too are looking to avail assistance with any of AWS services mentioned above, then get in touch with us today. We have our offices in New York, Dallas & India.

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