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Microsoft Azure Proof of concept services allow you to explore Azure’s benefits without full commitment. Test proposed solutions, validate feasibility, and gain insights. Unlike production implementations, PoCs serve as demonstrations, informing technical and security decisions for successful adoption.


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Key Benefits of Azure Proof of Concept

Low Risk
A POC allows you test your requirements and goals on a tightly defined area without having to commit to a full-scale project.

Low Cost
As well as reducing risk, a POC involves a very small cost and allows you to determine whether the project will be suitable before your organisation before committing to a large upfront project cost.

Tangible Benefits
Experience how Azure will work and what it will look like for your organisation by seeing it in action, which will provide much more value over extensive documentation or discussions.

Build a Business Case
A POC allows you to demonstrate the business value of adopting Azure services to the board and directors and gain staff buy-in.


Examples of Azure POCs

We can help with any areas of Microsoft Azure that you are interested in and would define this during the initial discovery stage. Some examples of Proof of Concepts that we have carried out include:

  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Azure Backups
  • Disaster Recovery (Azure Site Recovery)



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