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AngularJS - Get the best AngularJS development team and solutions only with Intelegain. Hire our expert AngularJS professionals to keep pace with the technically strong and ever-advancing industry!

Angular JS Development Company

Consider Intelegain as your AngularJS development company to get highly scalable, customized single page applications.

AngularJS is one of the leading open-source frameworks powered by Google; a web application framework that is extensively used to simplify the process of development. Intelegain is one of the most trusted AngularJS development companies and is proficient in creating feature-rich, cutting-edge

Why choose Intelegain as your AngularJS development company?

We are proficient in creating feature-packed, cutting-edge UI/UX AngularJS solutions. You can get the best-in-class AngularJS developers for hire to build impressively scalable, interactive and dynamic frontends with superior web performance. Leverage our AngularJS development services to get a cost-efficient solution which will full-fill all your diverse business objectives.

To create scalable, flexible AngularJS applications

While the framework itself guarantees speed and flexibility, a lot of it depends on implementation as well. You can hire AngularJS developers here to make sure that your applications are designed with special care and are optimized to the highest standards.

Consistent and Transparent

Our dedicated AngularJS developers for hire adopt consistent & transparent development process, via which where clients can track daily progress report of work.

Hire AngularJS developers and consultants

We have developers in our team that have extensive experience of working on the AngularJS platform. With years of experience behind them our developers are expert in helping clients out of a sticky spot.

Well-tested AngularJS applications

Unit tests are created while developing clients’ Angular applications to make sure they get an app that is nearly bug-free as possible, meanwhile covering most of the edge-cases.

Why choose AngularJS development for your next project?

The framework was created by talented Google engineers to implement any type of front-end development to make them easy. Among the many reasons why people are desperate to find a good AngularJS development company are these –

Lightweight and faster

AngularJS web applications don’t consume much space and the latest technology makes the app even faster. This means that web pages’ load faster and the user will have a seamless experience while browsing the website.

Expressive UI

It never creates complexities between codes, therefore it is used to develop highly user-friendly and interactive applications and websites that are lightweight and have high functionality.


One of the most cutting-edge features in this framework is that once the application is created, the platform will run auto-tests to eliminate bugs and fix them. This ensures zero defect components and avoids wastage of time. The developers get an insight into the development results.

MVC design architecture

With AngularJS app development, you can get the facility of developing the application and then splitting them into MVC architecture. It strings the application code together, which reduces development time and consequently decreases the app’s time to market.

Offers Modularity

With Angular development, you can build multiple modules for a single application. Each module depends on the other and can be additionally united to run the complete application. It automatically determines when a supplementary module should be added, therefore binds it to the other developed application modules.

Two-way data binding

Implementing this means that any data-related changes in the model are immediately propagated to the corresponding views. Connecting Angular with MVC ensures that any changes in the view are immediately reflected in the underlying model and vice versa.

Our AngularJS Development Services

Best-in-class Angular and AngularJS development services to scale up your business.

Angular Web Application Development

Our Angular developers for hire have in-depth knowledge and experience of building scalable, secure and feature-packed applications with seamless performance across devices.

API Development

We provide highly-interactive and data-driven enterprise-oriented Plugin development services to fulfill your unique business needs.

Portal Development

We make use of AngularJS/Angular technology to build a simple and ravishing portal system with floating panels.

eCommerce Application Development

Development of feature-rich and interactive shopping cart is a lot simpler with the help of Angular and AngularJS as it offers dynamic and powerful eCommerce solutions

AngularJS Portal Development

AngularJS technology makes it is easier to construct a simple and inviting portal system with floating panels.

Why Hire AngularJS developers at Intelegain?

We have a dedicated AngularJS Web App development team, skilled and experienced to build web and apps over the MVC framework. Being highly efficient, we use this platform to develop rich web apps to meet your specific business goals in the future.

Looking to Hire AngularJS Developers? Check out our incredible portfolio we welcome you to share and discuss your enterprise app ideas with us, to benefit from our AngularJS web app solutions. Get in touch with us today!

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Mobile Application Development

Check out some selected apps created that have gone a long way in expanding our customers’ reach over their competition.

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Web Application Development

Mission Critical web applications created by us have helped businesses generate value.

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