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as your ReactJS development

Intelegain’s team makes the best use of ReactJS’s exceptional feature of component reusability and achieve outcomes by splitting the interface segments into smaller components. The process of breaking down a web app leads to a highly scalable and robust ReactJS application.

Our team of React developers uses the underlying features of this exceptional frontend framework which comprises Babel, Redux, ES6, web-pack and dev server to provide a ReactJS solution that gives clients a competitive advantage. We have more than a decade’s worth of experience in developing flexible React applications following an iterative process to discern client product’s core features and shift if necessary.

As a leading ReactJS development company, we are able to deliver applications that are robust, swift, easy to maintain and are SEO-friendly.

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    Why opt for React development?

    With ReactJS, creating standard-quality front-end applications with superior design, user interface & structure has been simplified. By employing React Native for the web & mobile, one can create the single application that runs on all web browsers using standard web technologies, as well as both iOS & Android like real native mobile apps.

    • Leverage the power and flexibility of advanced libraries to develop applications and APIs
    • Boosts productivity and facilitates maintenance
    • Functionality is frequently extended- guarantees stable code
    • Assists in creating SEO-friendly websites
    • Facilitates building high-performing web apps and websites

    Our React.JS Services

    Intelegain understands the key features, toolchain and React API libraries enough to create the best lightweight and interactive applications. Clients that require high-level features of integrations like for e.g. real-time data-exchanges or payment gateways along with a modular approach to apps have opted for Intelegain for their favored ReactJS development services.

    • App Modernization using React
    • React UI/UX Development
    • Custom React.JS Development
    • SPA Development
    • Migration to React
    • Technical Support and Maintenance

    Perks of choosing Intelegain React developers for your next project

    Intelegain’s team of React developers has experience in creating start-up solutions where time to market is important as well as enterprise-grade apps where performance, scalability, and security are paramount. They have actively involved in projects that required advancing existing React solutions from MVPs to enterprise-ready applications.

    React community is pretty diverse- having a deep understanding of its core concepts is vital, which we have in abundance. Most importantly React developers at Intelegain have the ability to get in deep into app codebase to find bottlenecks and propose optimization techniques.


    An engaging design is the first step towards a great software product development. Here, we let our work speak for itself.

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