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    AJAX is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax web application development enables to send and retrieve data to and from a server asynchronously, without intervening with the display and behavior of the current page.

    Web apps like ESPN Cricinfo can be a simple example of Ajax implementation. An Ajax request uses GET and POST methods to exchange data with the server and make live changes to webpage content, without refreshing/reloading it.

    Ajax Web Development Benefits:

    • Minimizes the number of page transitions in a web app.
    • Also, reduces the size of data uploading and downloading.
    • The functionality also increases the richness of a web page.

    WebSocket: It is a protocol for providing bidirectional communication channels over a single connection by establishing sockets.

    SignalR: SignalR implements its own proxies in the absence of a WebSocket.

    Angular JS: Angular JS aims at simplifying the development and testing of single-page applications by providing any of the two frameworks for client-side:

    • MVC: MVC is Model-View-Controller. Angular implements the MVC pattern to separate the presentation, data and logic components
    • MVVM: MVVM is the Model-View-View-Model. This pattern is used to build single-page applications. It is a modern way of building apps, with components commonly used in rich Internet apps. It passes the business behavior to the client.

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