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Leverage the benefits of the next big thing in the technology sphere, only at Intelegain. We help you determine if or not Node.js fits well into your software requirements specification.

Node JS Development Company

Node.js is a prominent cross-platform runtime environment used for development of highly scalable server-side web applications. Node.js apps are written in JavaScript and being open-source with a lightweight runtime, it helps in the rapid application development, deployment and operations. Intelegain is the most trusted Node.JS development company that fulfills all unique needs and objectives of your businesses

Node.js supports an event-driven architecture, along with a non-blocking API for I/O that has been designed for optimizing the throughput and scalability of real-time web apps. It also contains a built-in library to empower the apps to act as a stand-alone web server.

Why choose Intelegain as your Node.JS development company?

With good expertise and considerable experience in Node.js, we offer unique solutions based upon the clients’ specific requirements. Being a top Node.JS development company, we are well-supported by our expert team of skilled Node.js developers, who can cater well to your project requirements with their understanding of latest and high-speed technology.

At Intelegain, our engineers make it our mission to find the architecture for growth and productivity to make clients’ business sustainable. Our highly skilled and dedicated Node.JS developers for hire are competent enough to work with diverse industry verticals and deliver web solutions that help to navigate your business to new heights. They are specialized in real-time MVC and Trail JS, a modern solution striving to deliver premium quality service well within time-line of the project.

Our Node.JS development services are such that our commitment to a long-term partnership is reflected in our full-cycle node.js programmers’ every aspect of development and implementation of services. We provide –

  • Transparent and Seamless Communication
  • Feature-rich Node.JS Development
  • Advanced Node.JS Programming
  • Customized Solutions
  • Clients from around the world
  • Cost-effective Development

Why choose Node.JS development for your business?

Node.js is currently one of the most favored and widely used development platforms for cross-platform web applications. It facilitates developers to develop rapid and highly scalable apps. Intelegain stands as a competent solution provider for Node.js development services considering the extensive years of industry experience.

The reasons why you should consider Node.JS development for your web solution include-

Node.js is extremely fast

Node.js is based on JavaScript at the backend, which is why it is so agile. It runs on V8 engine from Google and uses JavaScript into native machine code. Node.js web development has made scalability and prototyping in the applications easier.

Data streaming in Node.js

Node.js permits real-time data streaming which has several benefits when creating features like – processing files during uploading. It diminishes process time which is really useful when Node.js developers are working on real-time audio or video encoding.

Increased productivity

Node.js programs are created using JavaScript which means that the silos that are in between the backend and frontend developers are divided completely thus augmenting the effectiveness of the web development process at diverse enterprises. Businesses can integrate the backend and frontend teams into one unit for seamless functioning by deleting the inter-silo dependencies.

Real-time applications

Node.js has been a preferred choice among developers especially when it comes to creating real-time applications development. With outstanding characteristics, JS development good fit for developing apps that require event-based servers. For e.g. many famous platforms like Linked In, eBay, Paypal, Uber, Netflix use Node.js web application.

Node.js simplifies sharing

Node.js encourages code sharing with the assistance of Node Package Manager (NPM). NPM include the repository of approx. 50,000 packages, which helps in developing effective web solutions. Utilizing the inbuilt NPM, our Node.js development services can also easily update, share and reutilize essential codes with ease.

Single Codebase

Node.js proffers solitary codebase for JavaScript client-side and server-side coding. Developers can write a web app that runs a single codebase on both client and server and Node.js will automatically synchronize the data between both.

Our Node.JS Development Services

Intelegain has consistently deployed complex, challenging and multi-faceted projects, satisfying clients from all over the world with solutions ranging from small to large application development. Our Node.JS development services include –

  • Node.JS API Development
  • Plug-in Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Node.JS Maintenance and Support
  • Portal Development
  • Node.JS Migration Services
  • CMS Development
  • E-commerce development
  • Web App Development

Advantages of choosing our Node.JS developers for hire?

Hire Node.JS developers to create highly scalable websites and apps that are fast and efficient. For an established team, reliability, solid processes and cost-effectiveness, our dedicated Node JS developers for hire are the best choice for developing a website or application using Node.JS.

Customers from all over the globe choose to use us as their desired dedicated Node.JS developer team because of our ability to deliver on time and in the budget. Our services ensure an agile development process, event-driven architecture, reusability and universal coding.

Want Node.JS development talent that exceeds the expectations of your business? contact us today, for a quote.

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