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Being a leading Node.JS development company, we are well-supported by our expert team of skilled Node.js developers, who can cater well to your project requirements with their understanding of the latest and high-speed technology.

We use some of the latest technologies like Sail.js to apply complex functionalities, TypeScript for secure and advanced coding, for developing real-time applications and much more. Our team is also proficient in Express.js, the server-side web and mobile application framework for Node.JS.

Intelegain makes its mission to find the architecture for growth and productivity that will make our clients’ business sustainable. Our decade’s worth experience means that we have worked with diverse industry verticals and can deliver solutions that will navigate your business to new heights.

Our work in Node.JS development includes – ICO Platform.

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    Why opt for Node.JS development?

    Node.js apps are written in JavaScript and being open-source with a lightweight runtime, it helps in the rapid application development, deployment, and operations.

    It supports an event-driven architecture, along with a non-blocking API for I/O that has been designed for optimizing the throughput and scalability of real-time web apps. It also contains a built-in library to empower the apps to act as a stand-alone web server.

    Node.js is extremely fast

    Node.js is based on JavaScript at the backend and it runs on the V8 engine from Google which is why it is so agile.

    Data streaming in Node.js

    Node.js permits real-time data streaming which has several benefits when creating features like – processing files during uploading. It diminishes process time which is really useful when Node.js developers are working on real-time audio or video encoding.

    Increased productivity

    Node.js programs are created using JavaScript which means that the silos that are in between the backend and frontend developers are divided completely thus augmenting the effectiveness of the web development process at diverse enterprises.

    Real-time applications

    With outstanding characteristics, JS development is a good fit for developing apps that require event-based servers. For e.g. many famous platforms like Linked In, eBay, Paypal, Uber, Netflix use Node.js web application.

    Node.js simplifies sharing

    Node.js encourages code sharing with the assistance of Node Package Manager (NPM). NPM includes the repository of approx. 50,000 packages, which helps in developing effective web solutions.

    Single Codebase

    Node.js proffers solitary codebase for JavaScript client-side and server-side coding. Developers can write a web app that runs a single codebase on both client and server and Node.js will automatically synchronize the data between both.

    Node.JS Development Services

    Intelegain has consistently deployed complex, challenging and multi-faceted projects, satisfying clients from all over the world with solutions ranging from small to large application development-

    Node.JS API Development                                            Plug-in Development

    Web/Mobile App Development                                    Node.JS Migration Services

    Portal Development                                                       Node.JS Maintenance and Support

    CMS Development                                                          E-commerce development

    Node.js development using SQL/NoSQL databases


    Perks of choosing Intelegain Node.JS developers for our project

    Customers from all over the globe choose our Node.JS developer team because of our ability to deliver on time and in the budget. Our services ensure an agile development process, event-driven architecture, reusability, and universal coding.

    An example of Node.JS solution we developed

    Intelegain developed a completely decentralized & democratic investment platform for ICO that removes the intermediaries by allowing individual investors to come together and invest and control the pooled capital. The platform was developed using Angular and Nodejs frameworks technology stack.

    The platform allows a community of investors to directly invest and regulate the funds rather than handing their money to an unknown party. The platform is an ecosystem of smart contracts operating on the blockchain. It offers the users a safe, transparent and greater democratic medium- through which they can support their pooled investment funds. Using smart contracts – the platform focuses on issues associated with conventional investment pool funds.


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