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Dedicated Development Team

Why does your business need to hire dedicated developer?

Every business needs dedicated developers in order to carry out the selective job well. Although too many times the result ends up with the company being saddled with a lacking member who doesn’t have the necessary skills or attitude to get the job done. Even if they showed skills at the interview session employee attitude can change and become careless.

Clearly identifying your requirements and having an in-depth understanding of the business, time constraints, and a budget is helpful if you want to make the right well-informed decision. Here are some factors to keep in mind while deciding on whether to hire a freelance programmer or hire dedicated developer staff.

Lack of Required Expertise

One of the key aspects of hiring a developer or any employee for that matter is the level of expertise they bring into the company. Many freelance developers work simultaneously on multiple projects – so they do have an eclectic blend of knowledge that comes from working with multiple clients- but on the other hand, if you hire top developers that have a full-time focused development environment, they can bring in a level of professionalism and focused expertise that can greatly benefit your organization.

Mobilunity writes “WhatsApp was acquired for $19 Billion when the team had only 35 developers. Meanwhile, when Instagram was acquired for $1 Billion it had only 13 employees. Of these, less than half were software engineers. In other words, both startups were able to grow massive business value on the work of a few software developers.”


Your budget is, of course, crucial while deciding to hire developers. If you have a number projects with only a limited amount of staff working on them- instead of hiring different professionals to do the additional work- you can size down and hire a reliable staff that can multi-task and is experienced in completing the multiple aspects of the project. There are many software development companies that can find you just 5 top developers with best pricing options and zero hidden overheads that can do as much or even more quality work than 10 cheap freelance developers.


Dedicated developers are employed to work on the projects as per requirement. Meanwhile, on the other hand, freelancers’ availability is greatly hindered due to multiple projects on their hand. Depending upon how much work you want and its importance, you need to think about whether your developer will be available to handle last-minute adjustments or bug fixes speedily and efficiently.

Optimization of Resources

If you feel that the staffing in your organization is more than you need and even then, the goals you had established are not met, then downsizing may be the better option for you. You can replace the current staff with a smaller but dedicated developer team, which could be the best option and the ultimate decision you need to make to improve your business performance.


Even the most highly priced freelancers can face the issue of deadlines when they are simultaneously managing multiple projects and clients. When there are multiple clients- demands for services can come up any time and from many directions. Meanwhile, dedicated developers may be in a better position to focus on projects that require tight deadlines. Thus, when deciding to hire developers or freelancers, it is necessary to take into consideration deadlines and other time-sensitive requirements.

The rise of updating in the mobile app ecosystem

The app development market is substantial in size and thus there is always additional implementation from either a new competitor or a developer. With such requirements, there is a need to hire top developers who are well versed in every aspect of change and can work with the changing times.

Level of trust and security

One of the major factor to consider while hiring is also the level of trust in developers and the issue of security. Most software development outsourcing companies lend a trusted team of app developers that the agencies are free to closely observe and ensure the safety of crucial information, ideas or business secrets.


IT outsourcing is understandably a popular choice and best bet for companies looking for low-cost software development and high-skilled employees. It is a good option for long-term agreement with larger projects and constant workload. For clients that have a good understanding of the ins and outs of the project workflow, possible drawbacks and are willing to invest in development of quality solution, the dedicated development team model is undoubtedly the best choice.

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