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Intelegain is one of the Top Node.js Development companies as declared by

We are immensely pleased to inform our peers and associates that Intelegain Technologies has been declared as one of the leading Node.js development companies in a press release by – a reputed B2B rating and review platform listing the efficient IT service providers.

Intelegain Technologies is an award-winning IT service provider whose core focus is always on delivering high-quality projects within the stipulated time. We are providing IT services to our valuable clients from 2004.

Our constant endeavor to learn new things has enabled us to delight our customers and to get our name featured amongst the top Node.js developers.

Node.js is a popular framework that is built on Javascript specifically for writing server-side code in web applications. It is a lightweight, fast and high-performance framework with a large repository of plugins that are managed through the NPM (Node Package Manager).

Apart from being an efficient Node.js development firm, we at Intelegain have established our expertise in various IT services like web application development, mobile application development, digital marketing, cloud services, UX, systems integration, enterprise technology services.

We have won prestigious awards like the 2018 CRN excellence award for our cloud services and the IAMCP Gold award in 2019. Although the only award that we crave for is the satisfied smile on the face of our customers when they see the end result.

Intelegain has vast experience of working in various industry sectors like Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Logistics & Supply chain and Hospitality. We have worked with names like Bennet & Coleman, Pfizer, Ericsson, Sharekhan, Third eye capital, and Inspirelab to name a few.

We have provided customized solutions in the financial sector which includes solutions in stock trading, payment gateway integration, merchant solutions, and portfolio management. We also have a virtual trading platform that allows the users to trade in the stock market with virtual money; amongst many such solutions.

We have built customized HIPPA compliant software solutions for our esteemed clients in the healthcare domain and helped healthcare organizations in mitigating the risk of fraud in healthcare by providing state of the art KYP (know your provider) and KYB(know your beneficiary) solutions to them.

Intelegain’s retail solutions have helped companies in saving time and money by optimizing their POS, inventory management and customer experience. We have built a multi-store e-commerce platform for small retailers in Trinidad & Tobago.

Intelegain has designed e-learning solutions that have aided the students and researchers in achieving their full potential. We have developed both on-campus as well as off-campus solutions which includes e-learning solutions as well as school management platforms.

Our portfolio is the right place to gain a better perspective of our works, technical skill-set, innovative solutions, flexibility, and team strength.

We constantly strive to maintain a nice balance between clients we serve, industrial sectors we cater to and the range of services we provide. Checkout Intelegain’s profile on which offers a clear picture of our special services, client focus, client feedback, etc. and we thank for identifying and promoting our specialty in Node.js development.

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