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Brilliant App Ideas for Startups to Launch in 2019

Brilliant App Ideas for Start-Ups to Launch in 2019

As per Statista, the total number of available Android apps on the Google Playstore is 2.1 million, meanwhile, Apple’s App Store, the second largest app store has almost 2 million available apps. It is apparent that the number of apps continues to grow rapidly.

However, with the number of growing apps, it is also clear that you are entering a very competitive market. You’ll, therefore, need the help of top mobile app development company to not only create a unique app, but to make something users will want to download.

Thus, here we list the most profitable app ideas that your start-up may want to create in the coming year –

Hotel Booking App

Had a sudden inspiration to take your loved ones on an outing? If you have busy schedules, you need to make quick plans, but making reservations on the spot are a pain in the neck. In this case, you need a connection on the inside to make the magic happen.

For sudden plans, a solution like a last-minute hotel booking app gives users an inside connection to make instant reservations on the spot.

Want to develop an app like this? Intelegain developed a cross-platform app similar to this. It affiliates the users to book the rooms for 3 days from the current date and has a unique feature of tentative booking. It also has features like nearby hotels, recommended hotels, compare hotels etc. which makes the app very user friendly for the end users.

Food Delivery App

Unexpected guests can make it difficult for the hosts to prepare snacks on time. Plus, if it’s a low-cost order, hotels hesitate to send their delivery personnel exclusively. With apps such as this, users will no doubt appreciate the ability to quickly access the restaurants via the app- getting their desired dishes in the desired delivery time.

We developed a delivery driver management application. This interactive map-based application lets the user (restaurant) streamline their entire delivery process from assigning deliveries, updating customers with status updates and tracking allotted driver’s location. It offers the customer an Uber-esque experience with delivery driver tracking through email/ SMS text notifications that will let restaurants know when the delivery is done.

Health and Fitness Tracking App

A health monitoring app keeps a track of all your health records, hospital visits, diet, exercise as well as illness history. In many apps, there are also trained professionals available to give users much needed professional input as to how to manage their health. It also helps users to track and get alerts regarding their monthly or annual check-up appointments.

Intelegain developed a healthy lifestyle web application such as this. It targets health conscious people to track their habits assisted by registered nutritionists, pathologists and health coaches in order to ultimately lower the risk of lifestyle disorders. It is also equipped with several charts that help the user manage their overall health- like weight, sugar, heart rate, blood pressure etc. User is also equipped with individual meal charts, lifestyle plans, nutrition plans as per their condition. The application also facilitates chat messaging which allows the user to talk with the community as well as health-professionals.

Financial Planning App

Budgeting is a difficult task even for a well-established adult. Apps helping with finance and bill management that automatically add user finances based upon their bills, split expenses and send payment alerts on due dates is something users of all age range need.

Intelegain also developed a user-friendly app to manage finances – both personal and shared. With an in-built expense manager linked to accounts, cards and assets, users have all the expenditures listed to share, merge or split with the right friend or group.

Interest Community

With so many social events happening all over the city, it is difficult to keep track of them all. Plus, social media is everywhere nowadays, therefore, the millennial and generation z is usually in favour of exploring and sharing their experience in various types of events, festivals and trips via Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. An interest community application, a bridge that connects users to events of their preference- linking them to event organizing party.

Need an app like this? Take a look at our social event sharing app. This app uses the power of social media and enables innovators and startups to publish their ideas through presentations to be exhibited through events managed through the platform.

Door-step car/bike servicing app

Bike and car repairing takes time and patience, not only from the professionals but from the customer as well. They need to take some time out of their schedules to put their vehicle in service. Plus, there are worries regarding the timely maintenance of the vehicle as well. A door-step car/bike servicing app helps users to connect with best garages with the convenience of professionals taking care of pick-up and drop off of the vehicle.

Intelegain developed a door-step bike servicing platform and application which uses technology for the convenience of two-wheeler owners by providing them a transparent connection with high-quality vehicle maintenance providers. The app includes pick-up and drop feature, allotment of a designed pick-up associate for the vehicle, documents verification and digitized customer engagement with live-feed of bike servicing process etc.

We hope these Best App ideas will help you fuel your startup venture. Although, we as a lead web and mobile application development company employ some of the industry-best talents so that start-up ventures such as yourself find success. For any software development requirements, connect with us.

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