Fitness Tracking App

Development of Fitness Tracking Application, a guide to help manage fitness goals, make smarter food decisions and weight management features similar to Healthifyme and CultFit.

Business Challenge

Shamrock PharmaChemi, a leading Pharmaceutical company ventured into the Health and Fitness space and partnered Intelegain to develop a Fitness App similar to Healthifyme. The objective was to build a platform called Reework that be a fitness companion, guiding you to achieve goals, shed pounds, make smarter food decisions, and stay in shape.


Intelegain worked closely with the Reework team to architect and build the application and the user experience. With features like weight loss tracking, calorie counting, exercise monitoring, sleep tracking, and more, Intelegain successfully created an all-in-one health app. The focus was to enable all stakeholders including nutritionists seamlessly use the platform.

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