The Spiral Model is intended for large, expensive and complicated projects where continuous risk evaluation is needed.

There are 4 major parts to each loop – planning, risk analysis, engineering, and customer evaluation.

Step 1: Planning

In each loop, the first stage is the planning stage to determine the objectives, alternatives, and obstacles after customer requirements are defined.

Step 2: Risk Analysis

Risk analysis is the most important phase in this development model. Hence, it requires expert people. Alternate procedures are defined to resolve potential risks before they arise.

Step 3: Engineering

All the engineering stages of designing, development, and testing are done.

Step 4: Customer Evaluation

Finally, the customer evaluates the product and gives his feedback. The project loop is completed, but the project isn’t. These loops are repeated in a spiral format until the client is satisfied with the product at the last stage and all issues related to the product are resolved.

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