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Ascertain your genius app idea with Customized Mobile App Wireframes

A wireframe is an initial sample, model, or release of a product created in order to test a concept, or process, or act as an entity to mirror or learn from. In other words, a prototype can be described as a preliminary version from which all the other forms develop.

wireframing thus offers a great way to test if it is fit for the purpose, whether it is web or mobile. We, at Intelegain, believe that prototyping can prove to be a powerful weapon for the startup armory.

What are different genres of mobile app wireframing?

  • Storyboards: Considered good for getting started, storyboards cover touchpoints and are fit for product-market and product/ process flows. These are fast, cheap, easy and disposable.
  • Paper Prototypes: These are useful for brainstorming UIs, POCs (Proof of Concepts) and quick user feedback.
  • Wireframes and Mockups: Beneficial for UI consistency, screen flows and user feedback.

Why wireframing?

While design involves branching exploration, prototyping is a process of ‘additional iterative refinement’. In simpler words, the design is about getting the right design, whereas wireframing deals with getting the design right. wireframing also provides a decision-making aid.

Why Mobile wireframing?

Besides building up mobile UX experience and skills, prototyping serves a variety of important project roles and purposes. Let us learn about the “whys” of prototyping when designing a mobile experience.

  • Communicates a design idea or feedback
  • Fine-tune an idea
  • Provides clarity and focus
  • Gather user feedback
  • Explore the unexplored

Mobile app wireframing at Intelegain

Many a time, a lot of brilliant ideas fail to raise funds or even interest from their prospective stakeholders. This is primarily because of the lack of an underlying wireframe.

Intelegain has an expedite wireframing service, where we can design a functional and/or a non-functional prototype for your application, according to your requirements. This wireframe can help you double-check your idea implementation, and ultimately can also help you raise funds from your investors.

Intelegain also provides rapid wireframing services for Startups, by helping them mold their ideas into incredible, fully interactive prototypes for Web, and mobile apps for the iOS and Android platform.

How can you leverage the benefits of Mobile app wireframing with Intelegain?

  • Our wireframe experts discuss with you in detail about your idea and come up with a documentation of the same after a competitive research.
  • Thereafter, we transform your idea into high accuracy wireframes, seek your approval for the same and prepare our app development strategy.
  • Our designers then convert the basic app features into an appealing design, which helps you experience your app one step closer to the bottom line.
  • Finally, we create a click-through mobile or installable web app and then develop a minimum viable product that is ready to go for some serious development.

If you too are looking for where to start from, in transforming your incredible app idea, contact us today to know about Intelegain’s expert in New York, Dallas & India Mobile wireframing Solutions.

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