Logistics Apps Developed
Take advantage of our domain expertise to create digital solutions that simplify the complex and challenging nature of logistics and supply chain management industry.

Take advantage of our domain expertise to create digital solutions that simplify the complex and challenging nature of the logistics and supply chain management industry. Our custom software delivers solutions to all your shipping challenges- from integration with third-party shipping APIs right to RFIDs and everything in between.

We create solutions to give seamless and affordable access to business-critical information anywhere and anytime to fleets and teams.

Logistics Tracking

Maintaining visibility on your physical assets at all times is essential to keeping your organization operating smoothly. Our user-friendly software comprises of shipment tracking of all domestic as well as international freight. These custom solutions allow the client to streamline their business processes to achieve efficiency and competitive value in their various industries.

Our logistics tracking software solutions’ features include asset directories with customizable fields, photo tagging, audit trail modules, interactive maps, and reporting tools, etc.

Intelegain developed a Coil Tracking Application allows the admin to track the activities in regards to the coils and to trace the tasks assigned of jobs as the “picker” and “dropper” in the system for the workers. The solution offers the needed visibility to the management regarding the work processes involved. The system includes detailed container information – which the assigned picker or dropper can access. After the worker collects and drops the assigned container to its destination – the pick-up and drop-in location is captured via RFID scanning. Both the picker and dropper carry out inventory checks. The end-goal of the solution is to provide accurate container delivery details efficiently.

Logistics ERP

Logistics being a highly competitive industry, market conditions and the requirements of customers are ever-changing. Thus, due to such an environment, a logistics business can only thrive on real-time streamlined information and processes. Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is designed so that you get optimal delivery and supply processes, efficient use of your resources and circumvent the issues with the unavailability of vehicle infrastructure.

With Intelegain Logistics ERP software, you benefit with increased response time with accurate data and get a one-stop solution for all validation and processes.

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