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Agile Development Model

The Scrum Development Model helps our teams at Intelegain to work faster with any technology, platform and programming language. With a constantly changing and flexible work model, the Scrum model helps the teamwork aggressively in achieving project deadlines.

We use the Agile Software Development Model for projects where defining goals and planning in advance is a must. Projects are broken down into phases/modules with appropriate deadlines. The clients’ objectives are also under consideration as they are constantly involved in the process.

Agile Software Development Process

It is hence, easier to incorporate changes in the flow of the project if, after evaluation of the phase results, the client’s requirements or ideas change. Flexibility and collaboration are important features of this model.

At Intelegain, our team and the client, work together and move forward simultaneously using the feedback generated at the end of every phase to create a potentially shippable product after every increment.

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