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USD $8,000

Upgrade your CRM capabilities with our Zoho to Dynamics 365 Sales Migration service. This comprehensive migration solution is designed for businesses looking to transition from Zoho CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. With this migration, you’ll harness the power of Dynamics 365 Sales to enhance customer relationships, drive sales efficiency, and gain access to advanced features for a more robust CRM experience.


Financial Services
Travel & Hospitality
Media & Communications
Healthcare & Lifesciences


Week 1: Needs Assessment and Planning

  • We initiate the project by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your existing Zoho CRM system and your organization’s CRM requirements.
  • Identify the scope of the migration, data sources, key customer relationship processes, and integration points.

Week 2: Data Extraction and Transformation

  • Extract data from your Zoho CRM system and prepare it for migration to Dynamics 365 Sales.
  • Cleanse, transform, and format the data to ensure compatibility and accuracy in the new CRM system.

Week 3-5: Dynamics 365 Sales Configuration

  • Configure Dynamics 365 Sales to align with your specific customer relationship requirements.
  • Set up sales processes, lead management, opportunity tracking, and integration with other relevant systems.

Week 6: Data Migration

  • Migrate cleansed data from Zoho CRM to Dynamics 365 Sales, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal data loss or disruptions.

Week 7: User Training, Testing and Quality Assurance

  • Provide comprehensive training to your team on how to use and manage Dynamics 365 Sales effectively for sales and customer relationship management.
  • Rigorously test the CRM system to validate its functionality, data accuracy, and integration with existing processes.
  • Address any issues or discrepancies during this phase to ensure a seamless transition.

Week 8: Deployment and Support

  • Deploy Dynamics 365 Sales for live usage and monitor the launch for a successful transition.
  • Offer post-migration support to address any immediate concerns and ensure a smooth adoption of the new CRM system.



  1. Configured Dynamics 365 Sales System: Dynamics 365 Sales configured to match your specific customer relationship and sales requirements, including sales processes, lead management, opportunity tracking, and integrations.
  2. Cleansed and Migrated Data: Accurate and cleansed data from your Zoho CRM system, mapped and migrated to Dynamics 365 Sales.
  3. User Training: Comprehensive training for your team to effectively use and understand Dynamics 365 Sales for sales and customer relationship management.
  4. Deployment Plan: A detailed plan for deploying Dynamics 365 Sales within your organization, including timing and communication strategy.
  5. Post-Migration Support: Continued support and maintenance services to address any immediate concerns and to optimize the performance of the CRM system.

Transition from Zoho CRM to Dynamics 365 Sales with confidence, leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft’s CRM solution to enhance your customer relationships and drive sales efficiency. This migration service is designed to minimize disruptions and maximize the benefits of a more robust CRM system.

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