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UX/UI design benefits for businesses in 2021

UX is a popular word used today, both in start-ups as well as existing businesses. But before getting to know why is it important for businesses, let us understand what UX or User Experience really is. UX designers delve into an integrated approach when creating a new product or service. This kind of comprehensive approach focuses not just on how a service/product will look but also majorly on how effectively it will be used. To get to the bottom line of how something works efficiently, we must consider the “customer” first and cover all the touchpoints from the beginning till the end.

Today, most businesses both new or start-ups, and the existing ones are digital or at least have a digital presence. Amidst all businesses questions like, “why is UX important” or “what do I get out of investing in UX for my business” are asked often. The answer to these commonly heard questions is very straightforward. When talking about UX design, most people refer to having a seamless digital experience in everyday actions like using an app or making an online purchase. This is just one and a very simple answer to why is user experience beneficial to a business. Let us know a few more.


Reduce Costs

Investing in an effective UX design can significantly reduce your costs down the line. Every new project calls out for a certain amount of risk. With UX design focussing on research, analysis, and testing, businesses are setting themselves for success right away.

With more businesses realizing that possible usability issues should be fixed in the initial prototyping, changes spotted in the design stage are much easier to make than development changes, therefore are less expensive. This is the thrust of UX design. This iterative approach not just saves money but also helps build a high-quality product.


Increase Conversions

There are innumerable websites on the internet, but very few that distinctly stand out from the rest. This means that they are user-friendly, informative, and helpful in addressing users’ problems. Websites that have over-complicated designs might look nice at first but unfortunately, they drive away their prospects converting into customers with users struggling to find relevant information. Our impatient human nature is tested more on the internet. Therefore, it becomes of utmost importance to reduce your user’s efforts for boosting conversions on your products or services.

Let us discuss two primary principles for website enhancement –

  1. Reducing the number of steps for the user is a key feature of a good UX design. The primary purpose is driving conversions and interactions on your website or app. This should be apparent in product purchase or ticket booking or database sorting of complex information.
  2. Keeping things direct is significant to minimize user frustration. This will therefore increase the users’ CTA or Call to Action, and notably boost conversions.


Improve SEO

Companies certainly improve their SEO rankings with a good UX design. Unlike earlier times, SEO is not simple anymore. Today, Google is taking into account hundreds of factors apart from the keywords in determining page ranks.

Google keeps constantly updating its algorithms with UX now being a big factor in its search algorithm. This is because both UX and SEO share a common goal of helping users get the best results both in terms of the most relevant content and answers to their queries.


Increase your brand integrity

A good UX goes a long way for the success of any business. It helps build customers’ trust in your brand and it also helps establish a lasting relationship with your target customers. People buy experience first. If a good experience is provided with a good and seamless UX interaction, consequently social recognition and trust-building are bound to follow.

Even if good UX may not attract new customers but it surely helps nurture and retain the existing ones. With a Customer Journey Map, you can not only build empathy with your prospects but also understand the challenges they might encounter in their purchase cycle journey. This can drive optimized user engagement and consequently customer loyalty and retention.


Word of Mouth Referrals

Word of mouth is a great way to pull business. Word of mouth is not just about our daily face-to-face interactions with people but also across personal social media interactions. You may wonder how does UX design help with word of mouth referrals? For a start, it makes social sharing easy. For example, if you provide users with an easy buying experience, then they are most likely to recommend it to their friends and family over social media. Secondly, it also helps build trust. People notably tend to learn behaviors from their peers. That’s where user reviews, ratings come into the picture, consequently resulting in better sales and increased revenue.

By providing a great User Experience, you can not only increase your user’s probability of completing conversion tasks on your website/app but also change their lives. By simplifying user lives and solving their problems quickly, you can leave a long-lasting impact on your users for life! If you want to understand more about UX design, then make to get in touch with us at the earliest.

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