Transform the way you work with Copilot in Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Transform the way you work with Copilot in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central stands at the forefront, pioneering innovations that have empowered over 30,000 small and medium-sized businesses to achieve unprecedented success. Fueled by next-generation AI, Microsoft Copilot introduces novel approaches to boost workplace efficiency, automate mundane tasks, and unlock creative potential. At a juncture where nearly two in three individuals express struggles in managing their job demands, Copilot emerges as a solution to alleviate the burden, allowing employees to concentrate on tasks that truly matter.

Dynamics 365 Business Central brings the transformative power of AI to small and medium-sized enterprises, enabling them to work smarter, adapt quicker, and outperform competitors.

The infusion of AI into Dynamics 365 Business Central revolutionizes work processes, offering the following benefits:

  • Quick and easy access to information using natural language.
  • Time savings through the automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Stimulation of creativity with innovative content ideas.
  • Proactive anticipation and resolution of business challenges.
  • Reclamation of time for crucial tasks.

In the realm of small and medium-sized businesses, where resources are often limited, optimizing efficiency is paramount for achieving goals. Mundane activities like document retrieval and employee onboarding can consume valuable time. What if an AI-powered assistant could swiftly assist in finding needed information without the hassle?

Scheduled for release in early 2024, conversational chat with Copilot in Dynamics 365 Business Central facilitates prompt answers to queries, expedites record location, and facilitates skill acquisition—all through natural language interactions. Navigate documents seamlessly without traditional menu usage and expedite new user onboarding with quick responses to queries. Copilot becomes an indispensable everyday AI companion, accelerating task completion, building momentum, and freeing time for high-impact work.

Simplify Month-End Tasks with Advanced Bank Reconciliation

Traditionally, reconciling bank statement transactions with financial systems has been a monotonous monthly task. While Business Central has previously assisted with auto-matching simple transactions, complex scenarios remained a challenge. Copilot in Business Central now simplifies bank reconciliation by analyzing imported statements, matching more transactions, and suggesting entries for non-auto-matched transactions. By scrutinizing transaction details, Copilot enhances reconciliation accuracy, reducing manual efforts.

Unleash Creativity with Marketing Text Suggestions

Copilot in Business Central aids product managers in saving time and boosting sales with AI-generated marketing text suggestions. Using key attributes, Copilot creates product descriptions tailored to preferred tones, formats, and lengths. After adjustments, easily publish to platforms like Shopify with just a few clicks. Copilot eliminates writer’s block and facilitates seamless product launches.

Enhance Customer Service with Inventory Forecasting

Effective inventory management is pivotal for business success and customer retention. The Sales and Inventory Forecast extension, powered by AI, uses past sales data to predict future demand. Business Central streamlines replenishment by generating vendor requests, ensuring timely order fulfillment to keep customers satisfied.

Mitigate Risk with Late Payment Prediction

Efficient receivables management is vital for financial well-being. The Late Payment Prediction extension forecasts if outstanding sales invoices are likely to be paid on time, enabling proactive adjustments to payment terms or methods. This reduces overdue receivables, minimizes non-payment risks, and enhances financial performance.

Ensure Financial Stability with Cash Flow Analysis

AI-powered Cash Flow Analysis in Business Central monitors the company’s cash position, offering insights for future-focused planning. This tool helps maintain financial control and make proactive adjustments to meet commitments, ensuring fiscal health.

Leverage Copilot for Smarter Work in Business Central

Copilot in Business Central ERP elevates companies with AI-driven innovations that unleash human potential, foster creativity, and enhance efficiency in unprecedented ways. The integration of AI into everyday business processes goes beyond mere competition; it redefines possibilities in the workplace. With Business Central, companies are empowered to navigate the complex business environment with agility, precision, and a renewed focus on what truly matters

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