The Importance of UI/UX for your Online Business


The Importance of UI/UX for your Online Business

Imagine sitting down to watch a highly anticipated action movie, only to find that it lacks excitement, meaningful plot twists, and thrilling sequences. Your reaction? Boredom and a sense of wasting your valuable time.

Similarly, when you build software products, the absence of a well-crafted UI and UX design can leave your customers feeling disconnected and unengaged.

When a user downloads your new app from the App Store or visits your newly created website, the first experience decides the success of your product.

Despite having the best of technology stitched together behind the scenes, startups and enterprises seldom find themselves in a spot of bother if the experience of using the product is poor.

Website User Experience

In the context of building websites and web platforms, building a great User experience (UX) is extremely essential. An enhanced UX enables you to attract more prospects, increase conversions, sales, and overall profitability, and have better customer retention.

Mobile App User Experience

When building a mobile app, the user journey of an app user is critical to its success. It helps build brand and product loyalty.

Companies like Airbnb, Uber, Zomato and many others owe much of their success to their user-centered design approach which culminates in an exceptional user experience.

Did you know? The average smartphone user has around 80 apps on their device but uses only around 9 of them daily. It reflects the challenge app developers face in capturing and maintaining users’ attention in a crowded market.

“UX design is about “Engagement”, building a relationship with your customer.”

Getting Started with UI/UX

It starts with “Knowing your user”. Hence, there must be a well thought out User Experience strategy in defining workflows based on varied users and their expected behavior. Factors like considering demographics of users such as potential age groups expected to use the app are important.

Here are some examples of building great Customer Journeys.

The UX design trends in 2023 and 2024 will be focused on creating immersive and creative experiences by using new technologies and shifting from minimalist visuals to more vibrant UIs.

Focus will be on inclusivity and accessibility. Creating solutions will revolve around creating experiences that are open to all, regardless of age, language and culture.

It’s time to revisit your website and check if its still overloaded with information and irrelevant images. The trend of large images, large fonts, and immersive experience will surely continue beyond 2023 into 2024.

Connect with our team to perform a no-obligation site or app review of your UI/UX. We would be happy to do a Proof of Concept going forward.

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