ReachMe Plus - The Ultimate Lead Scanner App


ReachMe Plus – The Ultimate Expo and Conference Lead Scanner App 

ReachMe Plus is a powerful lead-scanning app designed to simplify the process of managing contacts at expos and conferences. With ReachMe Plus, users can easily scan and organize the contact information of potential leads they meet at events. This information is then stored securely in the app, making it easy to access and follow up with leads after the event. ReachMe Plus is a valuable tool for businesses and professionals looking to maximize their networking opportunities and improve their lead management processes. 

Features of ReachMe Plus App:

1. Scan Leads at Expos & Conferences:

ReachMe Plus allows users to easily scan the contact information of potential leads they meet at expos and conferences. This feature helps users quickly and accurately capture contact details such as name, company, email address, and phone number using their smartphone camera. The app then organizes and saves these contacts for easy reference and follow-up.

Scan Leads at Expos & Conferences

2. Manage Reminder Schedules:

This lead scanner app also offers a scheduling feature that allows users to set reminders for their contacts. Users can make primary and follow-up notes and schedule reminders to ensure they follow up with potential leads on time.

Manage Reminder Schedules

3. Connect on WhatsApp, SMS, Email, and Voice Call:

ReachMe Plus provides users with a single interface to connect with their contacts through different mediums such as WhatsApp, SMS, Email, and Voice Call. This feature makes it easy for users to communicate with their contacts using their preferred method of communication.

Connect on WhatsApp, SMS, Email, and Voice Call

4. Scan Business Cards into Contacts:

The app offers the ability to scan business cards and capture contact information, which can be organized into preferred groups. This feature helps users easily add new contacts to their database and ensures that they have all the relevant information needed for future follow-ups.

Scan Business Cards into Contacts:

5. Your Contact – Your QR:

ReachMe Plus generates a QR code containing the user’s contact details. This feature allows users to share their contact information quickly and easily with others, facilitating instant connections with potential leads or business contacts.

Your Contact - Your QR

In conclusion, ReachMe Plus is a powerful and efficient lead-scanning app that streamlines the process of managing contacts at expos and conferences. With features like lead scanning, contact organization, scheduling reminders, and multi-channel communication options, ReachMe Plus helps users convert potential leads into business opportunities quickly and easily. Additionally, the app’s business card scanning and QR code generation features further simplify the process of adding new contacts and sharing contact information. ReachMe Plus is a valuable tool for businesses and professionals looking to optimize their networking opportunities and improve their lead management processes.

Testimonial from ESC India

Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC India) is a Government sponsored organization with a mandate to promote and support Electronics and IT/ITeS exports from the country under the Foreign Trade Policy. ESC has a membership base of over 2300 Indian ICT exporters spread across the country and works as a bridge between the Industry and the Government on various policy/market outreach matters.

As a part of our Global Outreach Program, ESC India has developed its flagship event – INDIASOFT – International IT Exhibition & Conference and recently concluded its 23rd edition in New Delhi during March 27-29, 2023. The event is attended by over 650 foreign buyers from 80 plus countries and around 50000 visitors from across the country to meet and network with over 250 Indian Electronics and IT Exporters.

Until now, we were managing the Visitor and Exhibitor Management manually through an outside agency without any lead retrieval system. We approached Intelegain Technologies, one of the active and prominent ESC India members to help us digitally manage the Visitor and also help the Exhibitors with lead retrieval through a Mobile Application.

We are grateful to Team Intelegain Technologies for not only agreed to support us with the Mobile App – ReachMe Plus, a smart solution to manage Digital Badges with a QR Code facility and capture the leads effectively. The App provided additional features to the users like scanning the business cards and transferring the data to CRM or other formats without any need to hire additional scanners or lead retrieval hardware.

Kudos to Team Intelegain for updating and customizing the Application ReachMe Plus in accordance with our requirements in a strict timeline of just four weeks leading to the event dates. The Solution was built on Microsoft’s popular low-code platform “PowerApps” which helped deploy the solution within three weeks.

Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Team Intelegain for supporting and sponsoring this global event with this smart application, which was well appreciated by the users – both nationally and internationally. We look forward to your continued support to further digitize the event process and share a wow experience with the stakeholders in the Indiasoft 2024. ReachMe Plus is highly recommended and we wish great success to Team Intelegain in their future endeavors.

Gurmeet Singh, Executive Director, ESC India

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