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Pursue Mobile Strategy as a Business Strategy!

From the time the first call was made – as early as 1983 with a Motorola DynaTac, the mobile industry has taken a huge leap. Now, the whole dynamics of the industry has changed. Mobile phones these days are sleek and are technically efficient to handle intricacies that usually are an important part of our lives – both personal and professional.

However, a notable feature is that the mobile technologies, apart from being the integral recipe for technological advancement, have also seemingly aided the growth of several businesses. So much is its relevance in the strategization of businesses and start up ventures that companies are now leaving no stone unturned.

That being said, it is also important to know what it takes to venture into this field. Mindless consideration of a few actions may result in unwanted propositions, which, when adopted could be detrimental to the company as a whole.

How does One Maximize The Company’s Mobile Strategy?

Studies have claimed that, a staggering eighty five percent of the customers feel that mobile phones form an indispensable part of their everyday chores. Now, this is an opportunity that every company must capitalize on. A savvy mobile interface would do a world of good for companies that aim to consistently rack up their products in the market as well as connect to their customers in real time.

Few important strategies that are absolutely vital for any business to maximize the mobile connect are:

⇒ An efficient customer handling system – queries about the product, service, repair services, and query management. This is also an integral quality to retain the customer base.

Loyalty Points and consumer appreciation in the form of rewards and points awarded after every purchase.

⇒ The right user interface portrays the products and imparts service in an unambiguous manner, thus providing the user with a friendly experience in browsing through the available products and services.

Alerts and notifications can be an option provided on the application, which can be activated only on the choice of the user. In this way the user wouldn’t think that the application is trying to spam him and add to that, he or she receives the first hand information and alerts on the latest products and offers.

⇒ Another important strategy you must implement in order to catch the user’s attention is device integration. Studies show that users with mobiles and tablets tend to spend at least 223 minutes on the internet, which is a lot, compared to people on PC’s. Hence, you must ensure that several campaigns are run, in different devices to gain more visibility. Also, by doing so, the company will be able to deliver relevant content to different segments of the consumer base, thereby obtaining a maximum yield with minimum investment.

The Final Word

Businesses cater to what the customer wants. Ultimately, what any user wants is a satisfying experience. So, marketing alone isn’t the key. Every department – sales, support and customer loyalty, have to collectively understand the customer requirements. For this, a bird’s eye view methodology is to be implemented, wherein the solution for a problem is viewed in a microscopic level and then the strategies are to be decided.

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