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Prepare for the future with a new Dynamics Business Central Licensing Offer

Take advantage of transition to Dynamics Business Central

• Are you a Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics GP, -NAV or -SL on-premises customer on the Dynamics Price List prior to June 1, 2020
• Do you have an active Enhancement Plan and be within 30 days of your organization’s offer renewal date
• Have you purchased Dynamics 365 Business Central (Cloud) licenses with an annualized total greater than or equal to your annual Enhancement Plan renewal amount
• Do you meet and maintain licensing requirements for the term of your CSP subscription to prevent a lapse or expiration of your Enhancement Plan offer in the Dynamics Price List

If your organization meets the above requirements, then you must take advantage of the CSP Enhancement Plan Renewal Offer:


Build a more resilient business by allowing your employees access to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Cloud) to build agile operations, increase performance and make faster decisions while working in remote environments.

To help your organization gain these benefits and navigate migrating to the cloud, consider the
Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Enhancement Plan Renewal Offer. This offer enables your organization to renew your Enhancement Plan through the CSP program and receive Dynamics 365 Business Central (Cloud) licenses to enable your organization’s transition to the cloud when ready. With this offer, we are providing you free of charge access to the Business Central (Cloud) environment and the opportunity to reduce your capital expenditure annual payment into 12 monthly payments while maintaining your current operations on your on-premises Dynamics environment.

You can renew your organization’s Enhancement Plan through CSP at a price equal to your annual Enhancement Plan renewal. Basically, instead of your annual Enhancement Plan payment, you pay for and license Dynamics 365 Business Central (Cloud) users monthly at the same total amount as your annual Enhancement Plan.

Cloud benefits

Prepare for the cloud: License your users for Dynamics 365 Business Central (Cloud) to prepare your organization to migrate to the cloud.

Reduce your capital spending: Pay monthly instead of an annual lump sum (subject to Partner approval).

Continue to use your current on-premises application: Get the best of both: your organization can continue to use your Dynamics on-premises solution and receive Enhancement Plan value. Your organization will be fully licensed for Dynamics 365 Business Central (Cloud) when you are ready to migrate.

Enjoy full Enhancement Plan benefits: Access the same great benefits whether on your current Dynamics on-premise application or your future Dynamics 365 Business Central (Cloud) solution.

• Offer length: Till June 30, 2021
• Offer duration: 1-year subscription with 2 year auto-renewal option
• Offer is subject to CSP geographic availability. Click here to review availability

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