Container Tracking Application

The Container Tracking Application is a tool that benefits logistics companies. The app provides real-time visibility of container movements and shipments. The app provides a bird's eye view of logistics operations, ensuring meticulous control and insight throughout the supply chain.

Business Challenge

Liladhar Pasoo, a leading logistics and supply chain Management company in India wanted to build an application that can help their users track container movements and provide status of shipments. The objective was to build an application that could provide seamless end to end experience.


Liladhar Pasoo partnered Intelegain, who helped build a Container Tracking Application. Built on the iOS and Android platform, the solution provides real-time tracking, delivering precise and up-to-the-minute information on the status and location of containers and shipments. The application boasts a user-friendly interface, facilitating seamless navigation and intuitive control over logistics operations. The had integrations with their internal ERP. The app also showcases Intelegain’s experience with logistics.

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