Popular Coffee Chain automates distribution and Financial processes with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

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Popular Coffee Chain automates its distribution and Financial processes with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

A popular Coffee shop chain in Saudi Arabia, Alam Almathaqat was in search of a comprehensive solution that could help them manage the finances and inventory of their restaurant chain. They needed something advanced that would make it easy to keep track of transactions by each café and warehouse.

Alam Almathaqat partnered with Intelegain to help solve this problem. Intelegain’s team of consultants after due diligence advised the use of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central as the solution.

The problem

Alam Almathaqat had multiple coffee shop locations and had various tailor-made applications across each cafe/shop which did not communicate with each other. This made it difficult for them to manage the finances and inventory at each of the locations. Some of these included:

  1. Managing the distribution of raw materials across all shops.
  2. Difficulty in consolidating sales data with HO from all branches as the POS would generate huge data from each shop.
  3. Unable to split all expenses incurred from each shop.
  4. Splitting the depreciation of fixed assets to individual shop.

The Solution

Intelegain helped Alam Almathaqat implement Dynamics Business Central, a comprehensive back-end solution that eventually helped solve the problem.

  1. Management of all raw material inventory and its distribution to branches was automated and streamlined.
  2. Sales data was consolidated to know exact revenues of each branch
  3. As expenses were split for each branch, branch wise profit calculations become easier

“It was a delightful experience working with Intelegain. They were intense in their process and have helped us with a solution that has solved some of our core problems. We were on Office 365 and with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central it helped us integrate seamlessly”

Alam Almathaqat, Director

In addition, Intelegain provided solutions for tracking transactions by type (café or warehouse) as well as detailed reports on inventory valuation. This was an immensely helpful tool for Alam Almathaqat and its team, and they were able to greatly improve their operations with its help.

If your business is facing similar challenges, Intelegain’s ERP solution can help you improve your operational efficiencies. Contact us now.

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