Multilingual E-Learning Platform with Video on Demand & Zoom

Mobile Application Development

E-Learning Platform with Video on Demand & Virtual Classroom

Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine promotes and develops Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). They have also been educating batches of qualified physicians through their dedication and perseverance. 


The institution was using WeChat to send out course and talk notices/updates to their content subscribers, something that was inconvenient, and cumbersome. Managing payments was also not streamlined. 

Reducing the amount of manual work involved in traditional classrooms was crucial to improving the efficiency of academic efforts across various stages. 


The Intelegain team helped STCM digitize the whole experience by providing them with advice and direction at each stage. 

Post discussions, the plan was to develop a mobile and web application to make students and members of the public aware of lectures, courses, and other information at the Continuing Education Centre including features like Video on Demand (VoD) and Live Video Sessions within the application.  

The User Experience (UX) was built keeping in mind the different stakeholders of the application, and their usage of the web browser and mobile app. 

Some of the features there were built included; 

  • Digitizing and tracking physical attendance through the mobile app & QR Code 
  • Zoom integration for online classes 
  • Videos on Demand (VoD) of courses and sessions 
  • Multilingual capability (English and Chinese) 
  • Send notices to subscribers about various courses and class schedules 
  • Certificates Management on course completion 
  • Accepting online payments 

The project development lifecycle always focused on the customer’s needs and expectations. 


The implementation of the multilingual mobile app development in the E-learning platform resulted in a significant improvement in the overall process of managing courses and improvement of the entire process altogether. It helped STCM focus more on content and education where the E-learning tool effectively managed the operational process. 

The management was also able to view valuable data insights< KPIs using Microsoft PowerBI reporting that helps them make informed decisions. 

The platform thus provides scalability and agility, empowering the business to focus on content quality, upgrade, and update curriculum, and keep pace with the latest trends.  

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