Microsoft is offering Multi-Year Pilot Subscription Term in CSP

Microsoft CSP Partner

Microsoft is launching a pilot for 3-year subscription term in CSP, which will be available from 10th January 2019.

As per the company “the 3-year terms will support customers who demand a longer-term commitment and price protection, critical for investment and deployment timeframes. With this offering, CSP will become at parity with our Enterprise Agreement (EA) subscription terms”.

In regards to the 3-year pilot subscription terms, users will be availed with SKUs such as-

  • Customer Engagement Plan
  • Unified Operations Plan
  • Unified Operations – Device
  • Unified Operations – Activity
  • Team Members

The offer names will include the identifier “36 mo”. These offers will show in the January CSP price list, available via Partner Center. There will be no change to the partner experience.

All the Dynamics 365 SKUs, however, won’t be available for the pilot. Phase 1 is limited to the sunset of the Dynamics 365 SKUs for evaluation. If the results of this pilot confirm successful implementation of all Dynamics 365 SKUs will include 1- and 3-year subscription term options in phase 2.

Concerning the length of the multi-year pilot- it will be in an evaluation stage. Phase 2 has no firm launch date, and reliant on results of the pilot and if any adjustments are needed to be able to fully roll out the new term offerings. If the multi-year pilot is successful, all Dynamics 365 SKUs (Business Central SKUs) will include 1- and 3-year subscription term options.

It will available to commercial and public sector customers in phase 1. There are also plans to expand the multi-year subscription term option to all licensing segments.

There will be no changes needed for the existing CSP agreements for this pilot (Because there isn’t any technical enforcement of the 3-year subscription term currently and contract implies obligation).

New customers will have the choice of a 1- or a 3-year subscription term when purchasing Dynamics 365 select subscriptions during the pilot. Meanwhile, existing CSP customers can transition to longer commitment at a renewal of a 1-year subscription. With the pilot, Microsoft can examine the success of such transition.

Meanwhile, customers on 3-year subscriptions will remain active through its term. Additional information on 3-year subscriptions are dependent on pilot learning and will be communicated one to one.

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