Intelegain provides a number of technology services for clients in the legal industry. Our app development services and solutions will help our clients enhance their business productivity. We achieve this by reducing cost and complexity in your IT operations, increasing billing realization and minimizing operational risks.

Intelegain’s Technology Consulting and Development Services in the Legal Industry

We understand our clients’ pain areas with IT development complexities and accordingly provide our legal consulting services and solutions. This helps you choose the appropriate technologies and best industry practices for your company. We focus on simplifying IT processes, integration of distinct applications and operational cost-reduction.

Our offerings in the Legal Domain:

As the legal industry is bracing itself up to incorporate IT into their daily operations, they are looking for solution providers with the right skill-set and past expertise to develop and provide customized solutions in this realm.

Intelegain has assisted its clients with development and support of Legal software solutions for:

  • HR Policy
  • Anti-Harassment Policy
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Onsite Resourcing
  • Use of licensed software copies
  • Client Contracts
  • Use of items that are not copyright

Intelegain expertise, with developing custom-built software solutions, enables our clients in the legal industry worldwide to add enormous value to their businesses.

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