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Key to a Smarter Social Media Posting: Know The Best and Worst Times

With the ever-increasing and pervasive use of social media, a big majority of businesses today use this extensive platform for the marketing of their products and services. Recent studies show this trend to be only growing steadily, specifically for small-sized business enterprises. Wondering over the reason behind the increasing relevance of social platforms? A large majority of businesses agree on ‘Social Media’ today as one of the primary people to capture the attention of the consumers, as well as grow user awareness on a new product or service.

Small businesses on social media, need to primarily figure out ways to pursue the maximal benefits out of each particular platform. Such type of smaller companies cannot afford to spend too much luxury time on any and every business aspect. Thus, in order to achieve their goals, these companies have to ensure that their content is interesting and impressive enough to captivate the user attention. In other words, what is required is a strong presence in terms of increased sharing all over the network.

Finding an answer to the ‘what’ part of social media posting is a great start to your strategy, but the story does not end here. In addition, you need to know about the ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘why’ part. Here, we will talk about the ‘when’ part, which most often tends to get overlooked upon. For running efficient social media campaigns, it is very helpful for companies to know what time of a day will people be more open and interested to new posts. Let us now look at a larger view of how important is timing for social media posting.

Many a times we may wonder and ponder over the most appropriate time for sharing our posts on social media platforms. Let us find an answer to that. Yes, it is true that there are certain specific hours of the day, when people prefer to use social media websites. If we post and share content during these hours when a larger group of your contacts are accessing these social platforms, then there is a good possibility of increased traffic as well as a boost in the number of shares.

Has this made you anxious about knowing the best and worst time of the day to share your posts on the popular social media websites? For finding the answers to your queries, just have a detailed understanding of the infographic below and accordingly follow the times given for each platform.


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