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Is it the time to welcome the new Android M? Awaiting Google I/O

We will be very soon hearing the ecstatic announcement of Google Android’s 13th toddler – the Android M version. And, the questions arising in our minds are very obvious just like when we hear of a baby being born. I am sure you will have guessed it right. We start to ponder on its name. Next, we are very curious about its release date. And, certainly we crave to know how will it be like i.e. what will be its features.

So, let us address each of these concerns controlling our thoughts, more specifically one at a time.

The Big Announcement:

If we evaluate the release trend of the earlier Android Operating Systems, we might anticipate witnessing the Android M launch somewhere around October end or towards early November 2015. However if we see the revelation of the last Android OS, there is a minor variation. Android L, which turned out as Lollipop was announced at the Google I/O event in June 2014 and launched with Nexus 9 in November 2014. Getting back to the Android M broadcast, the question arises on whether it will be happening this month at the Google I/O event dated 28-29 May.

Google I/O is for the innovative lot of coders and developers, who are in the process of realizing the next innovation. This is the event, where one gets to explore the latest android developments in the technology and mobile world. So, this year will the Google I/O delight its fans with the Android M announcement?

The Denomination:

Revisiting the earlier trends, we see that Google has followed a distinct style for naming all its earlier Android OS (whether it be a point upgrade or a version upsurge). For Android M, it is not yet known what form of upgrade it will be.

Another trend that Google has been following is naming all its Android OS updates in alphabetical order, and named after a sweet treat. The sweets labelling trend is especially reflected after the first two Android OS – Alpha and Beta. Then started the yummy list with the Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, GingerBread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat and the recent Lollipop. Will the next OS – Android M, be a little yummier? Will it be the delightful Milkshake, or the tasty Marshmallow? Well, we can possibly just guess. Other likely names could include: Malteser, Macaroon, Moon Pie, Meringue Pie, Milk Dud or Android Mint. Can you think of anymore?

What’s new with M?

Finally, we might think of will be the new features and functionality of Android M. Nothing concrete is exposed at this moment. Therefore, let us illustrate what the users are expecting out of Android M. Some of the common ones include: integration of Google Fit and Google Now, a messaging hub, better synch of notifications across multiple devices, improved performance and parental controls, and added gestures and enterprise features.

With Android M, Google will showcase its plans to lay greater emphasis on the business related features of Android. Amidst all our excitement, we should rather question if Google is actually ready to unveil its Android M at the Google I/O developer’s conference?

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