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iOS will never be the same with the phenomenal iOS 8


With the hottest iOS release ever – iOS 8, we realize the most natural and valuable user-experience, turning out to be an experience that is altogether imperative. With iOS 8, you can find and edit photos in your collection like never before. The contemporary health app can communicate with the other fitness apps, and also your personal trainer and doctor.

This milestone creation also brings with itself amazing new keyboard options, as well as additional content sharing options. Here we will learn about what all you can do with iOS 8, having a more simplified approach to the most popular development platform and its capabilities.

  • Play with your photos: Photo editing, sharing and searching by diving into your collection was never so easier before iOS 8. We can now search photos based on date, location and the album name. iOS 8 then has an incredible photo app and an iCloud photo library. The photo app also makes photo editing and tweaking a considerably simpler thing, resulting in inquisitive photos. The app lets you be the master of your collection with automated composition tools. The app also gives you intelligent suggestions based on your choices or last search interests. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast and photo exposure to get great outcomes. You can also play with built-in filter and editing tools to customize something of your own.
  • Messaging: iOS offers you a lot of fun and surprising message features that are at the same time very useful. You can add voice or song into your conversation, to make the same a part of it. Sending videos over messages has also become a lot easier with iOS 8. We can now even share our current location in a conversation. It also allows for having a personal control in a group conversation.
  • Design Details: With this feature, experience nothing less than sheer brilliance. It gives you very helpful and supportive shortcuts to your ‘Favorites’ list. We can now much easily respond to the notifications. iOS 8 thereby lets us stay focused, as well as stay in touch with these interactive notification feature. Then, there are a lot of features that helps save your time for managing our mail.
  • The most exclusive keyboard: iOS 8 supports third party keyboards, where you can just swipe rather than type. Based on one’s writing style and past conversations, iOS 8 will now predict what you have to say next and accordingly provide a choice of words or phrases. It supports a more casual style for messaging and a formal one for emailing. The conversation data will always be private. It also ensures the global availability of the predictive text feature.
  • The ultimate Health App: This has the easy to read dashboard for health and fitness data. This amazing app marks the beginning of an entirely new health revolution. It gets you the most recent health picture and manage your most recent tracking. iOS 8 supports HealthKit with Nutrition and Fitness Apps, communicating with each other. This enables you to take the charge of your own health data. Along with sharing of data, the interaction in HealthKit makes the app work even harder for your health. Also, there is a ResearchKit tool that has been specifically created for medical research. It is an Open Source that is for everyone and anyone to collaborate and potentially change the current scenario in medicine forever.

With these amazing things brought in with the remarkable iOS 8, let us see what magic will the expert developers bring into the world of iPad and iPhone application development.

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