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How Mobile Apps Serve the Restaurant Business

You missed the click, you missed your food order, and it means that you missed a customer. No matter how tasty your menu, customers won’t come back if they have bad experiences with placing order, getting food on time, tracking the status of their order.

When the mobile apps continuing to play an integral role in our daily lives, it is not secret that businesses of all sizes only stand to benefit by making themselves accessible via mobile devices. Mobile app functions a lot like a websites, but the trend of getting a mobile app is catching up. Here are few reasons why restaurant owners are developing mobile app.

Mobile App allow customers to find you:

Smart phones have become integral part of our lives for several reasons. Many people hardly keep their mobile phone off from their hands until they fall asleep. Smartphone bring out crucial information customer’s personal data, contacts, messages etc. that can be used for restaurant marketing.

Booking table is simple with mobile technology:

Want to go for dinner date with your partner? Mobile app allows costumers to discover, reserve, and manage restaurant reservations on their mobile devices. Yes, customers book particular table based on the option available on mobile app.

Talk with customer even if mobile app is closed/inactive:

With mobile app, businesses can boost sales, retain customers, and expand their reach. Mobile app allows restaurant businesses to have their own corner on a customer’s device and allows them to send geo-targeted push notifications; even mobile app is closed or inactive. It is easy to deploy loyalty programs and use mobile payments options using single platform.

A recent from Forbes, shows how Starbucks continued to increase in coffee product sales.  HowieBucks, CEO of Starbucks revealed on twitter that around 13m customers had used their app in 2014.

Developing a sense of community:

Sharing photo galleries of your past events like entertainment evenings, wine tastings and themed dinners can help to keep customer engage. App offers information about company, and products instantly, and in turn, will result in higher level of engagement with your brand.

Getting customer feedback:

As a business owner, we need to be asking our customers for feedback. Customer feedback form in your mobile App can help to help you keep customers happy and encourages you to optimize your app for UX and conversion.

Final thought:

A restaurant owner’s best investment will always be in its kitchen, but the key to any successful restaurant is consistent communication between management and customer. So, a business that did not build a mobile app, just didn’t know what they lost out. Whether you own or manage restaurant; resources are available to start you and your business into the exciting and growing world of food industry.

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