How Intelegain Built a Web-Based Container Tracking App


How Intelegain Built a Web-Based Container Tracking Application

A leading logistics company in India faced challenges due to a lack of an automated process for tracking multiple containers. They were using multiple sources and platforms which was leading to delays in container delivery resulting in poor customer satisfaction and retention. 

Since Intelegain had earlier helped them migrate one of their workloads from on-premises to Azure Cloud successfully, they reached out to Intelegain to solicit their experience in this domain and experience in building similar applications. 

Over the next few months, Intelegain developed a web-based container tracking appl that helped them manage the dispatch and handling of vehicles. The app allows different users to perform various tasks based on their roles and permissions.  

The Solution 

The container tracking application implemented helped solve many problems. Some of the features included; 

  • A single window solution that allows users to track containers for multiple shipping lines and carriers on a real-time basis 
  • Automated notifications and alerts on the location, status, and ETA of containers 
  • Analytics and reports on container dwell time, transit time, port performance, and other key metrics 
  • Scanning the VIN code of vehicles, capture the storage location. They can also assess alerts created by the system when there is a VIN mismatch. 
  • Improved efficiency and productivity of logistics operations by reducing manual work and errors 
  • Enhanced customer experience and loyalty by providing reliable and transparent information on container shipments 

The platform was built on Microsoft ASP.NET MVC and MS SQL Server Database and was eventually hosted on Azure Cloud. Best practices and standards were followed to ensure the app is secure and scalable.  

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