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Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility Management – Welcoming new opportunities in 2015

Enterprise Mobility Management also known as EMM, comprises of solutions that provide business enterprises with the intelligence for securing and managing the mobile devices & networks used by the company employees.

EMM solutions are focused at supporting multiple mobility devices (like smartphones, tablets, etc.) and operating platforms. EMM can be accessible for ground or introductory solutions, hybrid, as well as cloud-based services. EMM is built with fundamental components such as the following:

  • Mobile Device Management: MDM features comprise of device level management and analytics.
  • Mobile Application Management: Also known as MAM, comprises of features like application wrapping, analytics for application usage, and containerization.
  • Mobile Content Management: Content Management incorporates document management, software management, email security, calendar, and more similar features.
  • Mobile Security Management: Security is about authentication, encryption, prevention of data-loss, and single sign-on.

With the emergence of EMM market in recent times, business development organizations have started looking for solutions to manage all mobile security elements varying from devices, software and data protection.

As mentioned, EMM is feasible for cloud, hybrid and on-premise solutions. However, its solutions are based more cloud based. This can be due to the increasing demand for mobile device management. Big enterprises still tend to be suspicious of cloud solutions at times, therefore businesses began enhancing their portfolio with ground-based solutions. On the other side, businesses already with on-premise solutions, have begun to move towards the cloud due to its expanding demand base in the small and mid-sized markets.

Gradually trends like expansion of mobile workforce and mobility applications, increased security breaches, BYOD trend, and adherence to accurate compliance and regulatory requirements, begun to merge. Driven by these trends was when the adoption of EMM solutions began observing strong market growth in Mobile Application Development industry.

The end of the year that passed by observed a global revenue for EMM market to be over $1K million. It is estimated that this statistics will grow up to over $5 billion by 2018. This enormous change represents an annual growth of around 43% on average from 2014 to 2018.

As the rising demand for mobile device usage is generating abundant growth in the enterprise mobility markets. we are excited to see what 2015 has in store for the EMM markets.

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