eLearning is the most efficient medium to deliver seamless, robust, trackable training to a distant workforce. Intelegain Technologies work with government, NGOs, and corporate to develop custom course content that will build an enlightened workforce that is more productive and efficient. Our team encompasses all of the specialized skills and resources needed to rapidly develop customized training material you need.

Our USPs

Prototyping content material

Our instructional designers work with your subject experts to grasp the material, align, and present it effectively ensuring your departments are lined up with your business objectives. We assess and evaluate your organization’s culture and structure to device an integrated content material that meets your organizational goals.

Upgrade your existing material

You already have course content that you want to upgrade to eLearning, Intelegain with its advanced eLearning software will help you power up your outdated course material.

Assist in Program Evaluation

Determining clear eLearning objectives that are in line with your organizational goals at the outset of a project is crucial. Our eLearning content developers will assist you to gather and evaluate data and suggest strategy revision when required.

The Intelegain Advantage

Our custom eLearning software solution provides:

  • Language translation
  • Ongoing maintenance and support service
  • Developing interactive e-course
An engaging design is the first step towards a great software product development. Here, we let our work speak for itself.

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