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Dynamics Business Central helps improve Supply Chain process for a leading Electronic Component Wholesaler

Industry: Supply Chain, Wholesale, Electronic Components

Trio Supply Chain Solutions, a leading Electronic Component Wholesaler in California, United States have been specializing in locating viable supply options for superior, hard-to-find, authentic EOL (End-Of-Life) parts servicing a global network spanning multiple continents including Americas, Europe and Asia.

They have been sourcing products from trusted suppliers and ensuring that the products acquired are from reputed sources based on a comprehensive screening and qualification process

The Problem:

With growth in demand, they were facing challenge in handling supply chain activities with serialized items in large quantities. They also wanted to make the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation) process more intuitive for better decision making.

Michael Khoury, Director at TSC was looking for a credible and experienced team to help tide over these business challenges. He reached out to Intelegain after reviewing similar case studies and their decades of experience in solving similar business problems.

The Solution:

After intense brainstorming sessions, Intelegain proposed and implemented Microsoft Business Central to streamline operations and help with end-to-end business automation.

The Solution involved bulk handling of serialized items, Advanced RMA, Commission processing and SharePoint driven document management capabilities. The Solution provided the ability to receive and ship thousands of serialized items in a matter of minutes. The RMA process now provides the ability to receive defective items in bulk and generate comprehensive report giving information about sale, purchase, warranty info about each returned item.

“It has been an exciting a journey with Intelegain and we are happy to have embraced Dynamics 365 which has also culminated in us embracing Azure,” he notes. “That’s because we knew we needed more flexibility and better integration.” Michael signs off.

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