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Dynamics 365 helps Singapore Fintech Company unify Finance, HR, and Marketing functions

Industry: Financial Services, Wealth & Asset Management

is Singapore’s leading financial services firm that provides Asset and Wealth Management Services.

The problem:

 has different departments within the organization and being a financial institution, having a centralized information with easy access for employees is crucial.

The information within the organization was fragmented and the need was to have a central repository to manage storage and documents across the organization. Lack of inter departmental connectivity and having independent third-party software being managed as separate instances were creating problems in productivity.

The company was looking for a solution where information could be centralized along with management of various documentation at departmental levels, wherein employees can have better accessibility to information 7 documents and a system that is well integrated with third party applications.

The Solution:

 due diligence eventually led them to connect and partner with Intelegain that provided a solution that was comprehensive, within budgets and understood their long-term objectives.

Intelegain created a secure and reliable Intranet portal connecting SharePoint, Azure, and other third-party applications under one roof. This portal helped unify access to Enterprise information and applications. now easily manages its Data, Applications, and Information through a highly customized with a great User Experience (UX) departments including Finance, HR, and Marketing now have a single access point to information which has created a better-connected and more productive work environment. This product has automated current processes and is capable to inculcate abundance of allied services and add-on features, creating a favorable and more user-friendly environment.

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