Blockchain Development

Navigate through endless blockchain possibilities as we assist you with end-to-end custom blockchain application development solutions tailored to your business line. Our higher blockchain developers provide both blockchain application development as well as consulting.

Blockchain Development Company

Intelegain offers end-to-end blockchain development services by developing world-class mobile and web applications based on Blockchain technology. Our reputation is based on our work with many top blockchain influencers. Whether you are looking for custom blockchain solution, consultation, Intelegain builds products and solutions with intuitive UI, high uptime and fewer complexities for diverse industry verticals such as Finance, Payment Services, Healthcare and Insurance etc.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are digital computer protocols programmed to validate the conditions of a legal contract between businesses. They can be used in various ways- like supporting crowdfunding, multi-signature wallets, blind auctions etc. They help automate business processes and ease operations.

Smart Contract Audit

Increased utilization of smart contracts has led to the necessity of application security. Bugs, vulnerabilities, and risks are costly when you deploy a smart contract to the blockchain. Intelegain being one the most reliable blockchain development agency guarantees that your code has been revised by an expert and is secure.

ICO Launch

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) has become the revolutionary way of raising finance for businesses via crowd-sale. Have an innovative project idea? Fund it with ICO. Our team will assist you by providing end-to-end technical ICO and developing your smart contracts securely.

Blockchain Development Services

Publish your own cryptocurrency internationally through blockchain service grounded on the funder or asset smart contract base through Intelegain’s blockchain development expertise. Implement our cryptography based solution to store immutable data.

Wallet Development

The need for digital currency security is increased with rising acceptance of ICOs and cryptocurrencies. Intelegain gives a simple solution, i.e. blockchain based wallets. These are programmed with safe code design that allows sending, receiving and managing cryptocurrencies and makes them more secure and easier.

Supply Chain Blockchain Development

Transparency and traceability are two of the major components of logistics. Implement Intelegain’s supply chain on a blockchain to track the complete process in one place. Blockchain enhances trading relations and business transactions with strong & secure business networks on the blockchain. So, eliminate errors/frauds, improve inventory management and minimalize courier costs with supply chain blockchain.


Cryptocurrencies need to be accepted and exchanged between businesses, individuals and markets for the digital economy to grow. Reliable cryptocurrencies exchange platforms are therefore needed to provide authentic and secure service. Intelegain can help you create custom exchange system that facilitates end users in managing cryptocurrencies safely. To develop secure and reliable cryptocurrencies exchanges trust Intelegain blockchain application development services.

Custom/ Private Blockchain Development

Developing decentralized applications or building private and permissioned blockchain applications of legal, finance and healthcare industries, Intelegain has done it. As the leading blockchain development company, our customized private blockchains help companies reduce operating costs and infrastructure expenses and assist in creating a fast, secure and transparent digital business identity.

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Mobile Application Development

Check out some selected apps created that have gone a long way in expanding our customers’ reach over their competition.

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Web Application Development

Mission Critical web applications created by us have helped businesses generate value.

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