Application to Automate Bioinformatics Workflows


Application to Automate Bioinformatics Workflows

A leading Biotech & Lifesciences company sought ways to automate and streamline its sample collection, processing, and tracking processes. The company turned to Intelegain to help streamline its processes.

The Problem

The company was using manual data entry, mostly written data, to document the collection of samples and faced the challenges below. 

  1. Assigning and tracking the bottles assigned to the collection agents. 
  2. Tracking the samples returned by the collection agents in the testing and processing stage 
  3. Identification of samples that passed testing and submitted to Minipool and Bigpool 
  4. Identification of samples stored in the cryo unit to be used for further research. 

Since sample collection was recorded manually using pen and paper, they had a challenging time controlling the process which resulted in mistakes and inefficiencies.  

The Solution

From developing sample collection plans to integrating the data into an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, Intelegain developed a way to automate the entire process. The main goal of the project was to automate and streamline sample collection, tracking, and processing from various hospitals and pathology labs. The company serves as a biobank and has a cryo-storage facility where the gathered samples are kept. 

Below are the benefits of the solution provided by Intelegain. 

  1. Implementation of BMS helped in tagging every bottle with a unique barcode enabling tracking of the sample’s journey from the collection stage to the cryo unit. 
  2. With the ability to track each bottle’s location and monitor its journey, they could ensure that the samples were stored in the correct location and moved to the cryo storage unit promptly. 
  3. Tracking the samples helped them manage logistics better, maintain the integrity of the samples, and ensure they were available for future use in research and testing. 
  4. The barcode tracking system provided them with a reliable and efficient way to manage their sample collection and filtering process. 

In conclusion, Intelegain’s deployment of the barcode tracking system improved their ability to effectively manage their cryo storage unit while guaranteeing the integrity of their samples. Modern technology improved accuracy and transparency throughout the process, decreased errors, and boosted efficiency. 

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