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Artificial Intelligence Services

Intelegain assists companies a wide range of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions that think and learn like humans utilizing AI technologies such as Machine Learning, Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing (NLP). With AI experts on board, our solutions enable practical applications within finance, travel, legal, insurance, retail and more industries. With AI and machine learning, the two-most revolutionary technologies we as one of the leading Artificial Intelligence services companies, aim to create significant gains in unit economics of business and customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence Expertise We Provide

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural language Processing (NLP) is a technology that enables machines to comprehend natural language (what people speak/type), interpret it and then take relevant action grounded on this understanding. With Intelegain AI services you can bring NLP to your applications/ products for removing the complexity of dealing with textual content.


AI Chatbots are bringing in a whole new way of working. They help you in avoiding monotonous simple tasks and are much simpler to use and install. With Intelegain Bot development services, you will be availed with a fast and reliable chatbot that can be deployed on all social messaging platforms and simulate natural conversations with people in a textual or auditory manner.

Machine Learning

Intelegain empowers businesses with unparalleled benefits of Machine learning, a subset of AI where the systems can spot patterns and link it by examining chunks of data made accessible to it. They empower machines to leverage data and self-learn from patterns as humans do. Machine learning enables faster decision making, augmented productivity, automation of business processes and faster anomaly detection. ML technology covers different types of solutions like Predictive Analysis, Deep Learning, Statistical Modeling, Data Mining, etc.

Deep Learning platforms

Under Machine Learning, is the concept of deep learning – this is a special type of machine learning which includes artificial neural networks with multiple abstraction layers. Now it is used in classification applications and pattern recognition supported by very big data sets.

Decision Management

Business decisions are never more simplified than with the use of AI-assisted business decision management solutions that drive accurate decisions grounded on predictive and algorithmic systems. Intelegain solutions with the help of decision management technologies assist a huge variety of enterprise applications – in performing or helping in automated decision making.

Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Intelegain, as the leading AI services provider, creates optimal intelligent NLG applications that produce text (that is readable to humans) from computer data. Our applications serve a distinctive purpose in the automation of report generation, customer service, business intel insights summarization, financial reports, and product descriptions, etc.

Robotic Process Automation

Intelegain develops powerful Robotic Process Automation applications that perform repetitive processes based on scripts and other methods to automate human action to carry out efficient business processes.

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