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A brief insight into the future of the e-commerce industry in 2015

The retail industry today is predominantly driven by ‘e-commerce’. Therefore, it won’t be an amazement that the industry businessmen are now focusing on development of more interactive online user-experience, for their growth and development. Doing this will help them maintain their existing customer base as well as expand the same.

With an increase in both online and mobile shopping, users tend to look for the best deals. This gives way for a widening competitive environment in the retail industry. To stay ahead in such a scenario, social integration serves as an easy and accessible solution. With a host of new social media platforms and strategies, let us see how retailers will be able to reach out to the consumer market in real time.

  • Customer Appeal via Personalization: E-commerce platforms today are coming up with a variety of exciting and lucrative offers, in order to enlarge their customer base. These may include online coupons, accelerated shipping, and exclusive range of products. However, amidst all this there is a need for consequential focus on developing personalized relationship with customers, and an interactive user experience accompanying with in-app purchases.
  • Product analysis and recommendation: Pertaining to the never ending market competition, businesses have now started to consolidate this process. This helps consumers target specific items based on user reviews and opinions, and be selective about their purchase decisions by narrowing down the choices. This approach has proved to be immensely successful in two ways: by helping users efficiently utilize their time with browsing and exactly discovering what they need.
  • Shopping Experience driven by customer emotions: E-commerce industry retailers have gone much beyond the traditional ways of marketing their products. They have started connecting stories, in order to a strong identity for their brands and build personal relations with their existing and prospect customers. This approach helps the ecommerce business in two ways. It helps the retailers prosper. Along with this, it helps the customers get exactly what they have been looking for. Emotions, thus, help add a personal touch to customer’s experience in the e-commerce industry.
  • Social Network Credence: One of the best ways for customer engagement across the social media, is with the support of a powerful content strategy. This may comprise of delivering of clear and informative content, worthy enough to be shared. Doing this will take you much beyond than simply providing descriptions of the product. Social Networks enable the customers to contribute and share their thoughts and opinions, via reviews, ratings and comments. In short, they give the consumers a platform to raise their voice.

Conclusion: To drive long-term business growth and success in the rapidly evolving mobile-driven industry, the e-commerce industry will be seen focusing on building rich and interactive user-experiences and customer engagement. Therefore, this is the right time to exploit the immense potential of the strategies stated above for profitable mobile application development for your e-commerce business.

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