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5 Cloud Computing Trends to watch out in 2021

With the major cloud shift taking place in 2020, the year gave a great sneak peek of how the future of cloud computing is going to be, let alone 2021!

Just when you thought that cloud computing was a technology that will make news in the future, boom! 2020 happened! The world shifted to clouds as a blessing in disguise. We live in a tech-driven world where data has become the most important factor. Cloud computing is only making technology work better by making data easily accessible and usable. Look around you; most devices that you use are connected to the cloud. If that wasn’t enough, the cloud network has more ways to surprise you! 

Let’s look at the trends that will make news in the global market in 2021! 

Collaboration tools will thrive: 

Remember the days when management would talk about how remote work can’t happen in their niche? Business management was the most affected area as the consequences of the pandemic captured the market. But that’s when cloud computing came to the rescue. Business operations across the globe shifted to the cloud. Today, the new collaboration tools in the market are striving to help with improved access to larger data, real-time updates, better brainstorming and so on! 

All that being said, it’s funny how cloud-based collaboration tools were never new to the market! What developments in 2020 did was that it managed to tap into the shortcomings of such platforms. And now, it continues to develop further to offer a streamlined remote work experience through enhanced features and developments.

Be it enabling full team visibility and accountability, tracking progress in real-time or ensuring full group participation; the new features almost created a virtual office for the teams. With this, you can see businesses holding a strong grip over the collaboration tools with better team organization, a smooth delegation of tasks and better-centralized communication throughout levels. 

There will be an increase in the digitization of Healthcare: 

Today’s tech world revolves around data and how it is used, isn’t it? And this time, last year, the healthcare sector sure was at the top of the list for creating, storing and consuming data on a large scale. In addition, it witnessed a massive shift to digitization as cloud computing bridged the gap between a complex healthcare system and a managed infrastructure. That pretty much shows how the healthcare year would be in 2021 and years ahead. 

Patient engagement and healthcare delivery are two crucial areas where cloud computing will play a key role in its development. Besides, with access to high powered analytics innovations underway, we can see several tools with healthcare-specific capabilities developing. It will be interesting to see what cloud computing will offer to the privacy and security of healthcare data. 

Living on the edge: 

Unlike in the centralized server, edge computing can store data or information locally for processing. Consequently, IoT, widely popular in the tech sector, has more popularity for edge computing. Since data relocate to the edge, the devices do not have to rely on the centralized server or cloud. It eventually helps IoT speed, security, reliability through ad-hoc insights and enhanced operational efficiency and better performance of edge networking. 

Companies have already shown a keen interest in protecting data and applications, offering their services through faster and smarter networking for an improved customer experience. With a distributed approach, organizations can leverage edge computing or adopting IoT infrastructure. More IoT devices are likely to hit the global market in the coming year, with further research and development in edge computing. 

Developments in Multi and hybrid cloud computing: 

Being from the industry that constantly deals with software and data, we were all tired of the upkeep of on-premise structures and IT systems. To end this struggle, multi-cloud infrastructure is considered to be a wise investment strategy in 2021. It is proving so in several SMEs in the industry. Since it allows to maintain core data with private networks and less sensitive data on public clouds, hybrid clouds ensure maximum data security, network performance improvements and better risk management. 

Multiple vendor alliances in cloud computing are especially helping each part of the business capitalize on specific providers with the needed system requirements and terms. When agility and scalability are the need of the hour, hybrid computing has helped businesses remain agile. 

Integration of AI and ML: 

AI/ML happens to be one of the typical cloud computing trends, and yet again, it’s on the list. But that’s how important it is! The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning accelerates operations and processes, and hence it becomes a key component in the future of cloud computing. 

When combined, we can finally say that cloud computing is put to use to its full potential. With most businesses in a competitive industry integrating cloud-based AI/ML applications, the picture is not far from true. 

In a nutshell, cloud computing has helped cloud application building easier and faster with better data security. It is a bigger advantage for developers and AI programmers than customers. When the making itself goes to the cloud, the innovations ahead are likely to revolutionize the industries and our lives in the upcoming year. 

The trends mentioned above are sure areas that have created a major impact in the cloud computing market. However, there are several other zones where cloud computing is doing wonders. Serverless cloud computing, cloud gaming, the growth of SASE adoption, to name a few. To conclude it, we can look forward to 2021 and the coming years where cloud computing will power the business spaces, healthcare and lifestyles. 

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