Strategic Business Initiatives

Long-term growth and development have been the base of Intelegain Technologies so far. Be a part of our journey to achieve maximum return and long-term business growth.

Strategic Business Initiatives for Long-Term Growth

Globally, organizations are investing in IT due to the emergence of new technologies and methodologies, offering unique growth opportunities. Intelegain Technologies is devising strategies to seemingly broaden the core IT services business by elaborating its reach, enhance service capabilities and deepening and retaining existing customer relationships and acquiring new nodes, engineering new business models and designing business solutions through rigorous excogitation.

Over the years we have broadened our horizons and successfully implemented our expertise in achieving crucial business objectives for our clients.

Our Initiatives
Developed by Intelegain, Researchbytes is the world’s only investor connect platform, which organizes and stack up the information and acts as the personal research associate for the investors. Researchbytes is an investor plugin, which reaches out to over 5000 analysts and fund managers tracking Indian equities from different countries. – is the largest annual report repository in India that has a database of over 62,000 Company Financial annual reports dating back to 1997. The website is the brainchild of Intelegain. RJ is a one stop shop for annual reports of the top Indian companies in a digital format. is a stock market game that enables mock trading in the real-time trading environment. The portal also offers social features such as live chat, share market commentary from experts, and so on. The platform gives access to a virtual platform for trading enthusiasts to practice their strategies without losing a single penny.

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