Point of Sale (POS)

Case Challenge

The client needed an optimal POS application that would process customer orders, track inventory and perform employee/ staff management duties seamlessly for Vape-shop Proprietors

Technology and Tools

Intelegain developed Vapor POS- a web based point of sale application on SaaS model for Vapeshop Merchants using PHP for backend development.

Intelegain’s Solution

Intelegain developed a point of sale application which is responsive for efficient and user-friendly access on mobile & tablet devices. The solution helps Vape-shop merchants in inventory management through a real-time POS system as well as manage their business through an employee management feature which relieves them of staff monitoring duties.
The application’s primary function though is assisting shop employee’s task complications by providing order management functions- improving the efficiency of the system.


The Vapor POS application assists merchants in boosting productivity and increasing sales by providing timely and detailed information to take right decisions.

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