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Email marketing is an ingenious marketing strategy used by businesses all across the world to relay promotional activity or connect with their customers. Your prospective customers are subjected to a barrage of emails from your competitors daily. If you are not in this list, you are missing out on potential eye balls and passive sales.

Businesses can use email marketing as an effective method to engage customers and encourage them to purchase your products by increasing awareness about your brand, offering deals and discounts, and sending regular emails.

Intelegain has a dedicated team of email marketing professionals that spend time understanding your business model and target audience to come up with fool proof methods of converting a single purchase customer to a customer for life.


  • Email marketing is among the most popular online marketing technique used by businesses.
  • Email marketing tools and software provide in depth reporting and analytical interfaces that enable businesses to track exact return on investment.
  • Emails can be targeted to be delivered when most of your audience will be online, making it easier for them to initiate quick actions.
  • Most email services support text and rich HTML, allowing businesses to create lucid and attractive email blasts that keep customers hooked.
  • Cost effective and economical for small to medium businesses.


  • Preliminary consultation and strategy creation for long term email marketing success, depending on business model and advertising goals.
  • Ongoing support for creating, optimizing, and sending email blasts to catch user attention and garner necessary responses.
  • Advanced reporting, analysis, and tracking to help businesses understand return on investment for email marketing.
  • Email blast creation by a team of designers and experts.

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  • A certified team of email marketing experts who have the experience and skills required to create successful campaigns for branding, promotion, and sales.
  • Economical package solutions designed to cater to all your needs while keeping your budget in mind.
  • Dedicated, round the clock availability.

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